Girls: does the guys always have to send the first text message in a conversation?

Question by jumpman23LAX: Girls: does the guys always have to send the first text message in a conversation?
I usually do that, i was wondering if girls are really that shy towards guys?? I mean it would be nice if i didn’t have to send most messages.

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Answer by Sweety
yeah i think so!! well i never initiate

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  1. well, girls tend to want you to send the first text to show you actually thought about them enough to text them. That you care enough to check up on us. i dont know why but that’s just how we are.

  2. not necessarily, i initiate sometimes, and he does, too. it’s mainly taking turns in my case. but i think most girls are like “i’m the girl, you’re SUPPOSED to text me first to show that you’re interested in talking to me.” to me, i think that’s kinda ridiculous, because if you wait for the guy to text you may never get one. hope this helped!

  3. okay, girls like guys to send the first text because sometimes when girls send the first text they might think that they are annoying the guy, try sending the few first texts and if after that she never texts the next first text dont text her again… suddenly she’ll feel like your not interested that much and shes going to want to text u back. 🙂 hope i helped

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  4. Well most girls think that the guy should be the one who starts the convo. But I’ve come to find out its much more the other way the guys like to here the girls just talk talk talk. So in some cases yes like beginning of the say or when ever guy should send first text the first few times so the girl knows your interested then after she knows that she will or should return the favor

  5. um honestly no. the girl LIKES IT when the guy does, but I mean, a relationship is 50/50, why should the guy initiate converstations all the time? She feels like he wants her more if he starts talking to her when he wants to, not when she starts the conversation. Its weird but its how we think, usually anyway.

  6. girls are afraid they’ll seem stalkerish or obsessed to you if they text first
    they dont wanna text you at the wrong moment either

  7. It’s not that we’re shy, it’s that we don’t want to bug you guys 🙂

    And a girl LOVES it when a guy sends the first message, cause it means he was thinking about her.

  8. Not at all!! I mean, some girls won’t send the first text, but I do it all the time.

    For example, like last week a guy gave me his number and told me to call/text him. I didn’t give him my number in return, so obviously I had to go first. It really doesn’t make a difference.

  9. Its like not that were shy, its just we don’t want to think that were bugging you by texting you first.

    I personally like it when the guy does it first, then it shows that you thought of us, and yah lol!

  10. i personally love it when the guy texts me first because it shows that he wants to talk to me and he was thinking about me. girls dont text first because we dont want to annoy you guys or seem desperate. hope i helped(:

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