GIRLS: Do you mind if the guy sends the last text?

Question by Omifizzle: GIRLS: Do you mind if the guy sends the last text?
Whenever im having conversations, especially for a long time, over texts, i dont know if girls rather send the last text message or they dont care. I feel kind of rude when i just stop texting them, but it gives me that sense of control that all guys want (you know what i mean guys) Does this thought even cross your mind girls?
I just don’t want to seem too annoying or desperate.. Because when i just don’t shut up, im sure anybody would be annoyed.

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Answer by Danielle
Have thought about this. I think it’s better when the guy sends the last text. Then the girl won’t be so confused on why the guy just stopped answering. That’s how I think of it anyways. I hate when I’m texting a guy and he doesn’t answer. But I only mean in conversations. If there isn’t anything to say back, then don’t worry too much about it.

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  1. I prefer the guy having the last text, so I can feel in control. However if you don’t reply to her and she likes you, she’ll be impatiently waiting for that next text which can be a good thing if you like her.

  2. sometimes if u do it alot it gets annoying, and it makes the girl feel like u dont wanna talk to her like shes not important. hhope i helped!!

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