Girls are dumb at texting?

Question by red: Girls are dumb at texting?
ok i start a random convo with girls and dont even have a decent convo first thing they ask 4 is my number so then we text blabla but if they never text me first i dont bother texting them at all and eventually we stop texting why is that?

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Answer by Ashley Bland
well girls expect a guy to text them first because it makes them feel special and wanted but since you’re that way too well you got yourself a problem. you can either start texting first, find a girl who you know will text you first or just stop texting.

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  1. B’cuz gurls think that guys always have to do da furst move… I don’t think that.. Butt hey der conceded girls everywhere lOl

  2. Girls will generally come across a lot more shy and self-confident than boys will. That’s not to say that boys aren’t generally the same, but that a lot of guys i know, will mostly take the risk of possibly being rejected, by texting or talking to a girl first. Its the reason so many relationships are started with a boy asking a girl out rather than the other way round.
    But that doesn’t mean that all girls are the same, in the sense that we never text first, some are a lot more confident and tend to take on the roll of a boy by initiating the conversation. If any of these girls are particularly worth talking to, then why not just casually send them a text? If theyre reply is boring and crap then your wasting your time, but if it isnt, then it was worth the bother of texting first.

  3. The “#1 rule” is to have the guys text 1st bcuz then the girls would seem seem desperate

  4. I know man, girls are so dumb in texting. Guys ALWAYS have to text first, and then it makes us feel freakin desperate. And on top of that sometimes it seems like they don’t even care to respond to the text, they have spelling errors everywhere.

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