Girl texting late into the night?

Question by LeoLioneye: Girl texting late into the night?
There is this girl and I like her and we text a lot. She however is never the first one to text me, I’m always the first to text her but she always responds. We text for hours at end usually until real late at night. She knows I like her because I have told her so, she say she isn’t currently interested in anyone this was a few months ago. We usually talk to each other by texts because we usually are in different cities due to school but we are both home for the summer although I have yet to see her. So my question is if a girl stays up late like past 4am texting a guy does this show that she somewhat at least likes him or is it just as a friend?

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  1. I think if after you told her you liked her, and she still claimed to like no one, then she only likes you as a friend. If she liked you, then she would most definitely text you first. To me it seems as though she does not want to be rude and ignore your first text, but then once talking to you she begins to enjoy the conversation…which is good because that means she likes you as a friend at least.

  2. Case of insomnia… she probably likes you as a friend if she already told you she isn’t interested in relationships.

  3. If she was just staying up to text you she definately likes you! Most girls like when the guys text first though so don’t worry about that too much! And when a girl says she isnt interested in anyone she just doest really want to tell you who she likes or she wants to keep you guessing. That’s what I do anyways. It’s a way of playing hard to get. I think she likes you. Hope this helped! GOOD LUCK!!!

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  4. Most girls like it when a guy takes the initiate because it shows he is a ‘ hunter’ if you will. Women like men who take the lead.
    If you ever meet a girl who likes to take the lead, the relationship ends up being a mothering type one, these kinds of girls usually end up being naggy and controlling, not yielding in any way. Just to let you know..
    She is showing great signs that she likes you from what I have read.

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