Girl question why does she not start covos?

Question by Ethan: Girl question why does she not start covos?
I text this girl I have known for a long time to chat and stuff. I like her a lot. But I always start our coversations. She never texts me to start up a covo. She seems like she enjoys talking to me, because we will talk for a few hours. So I guess is there any reason why she doesn’t start the coversations? or something?

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Answer by Me Myself
Girls just never text first. Plain and simple

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  1. A lot of girls do not like to text/call a boy first. It makes them feel like they are coming off as desperate. Just carry on as usual 🙂 It’s not you, its just how girls think.

  2. She is either honestly too busy or jus doesnt care and does not want to talk to u. Think about it, u care about her,it’s why u message her. If u were in her shoes what other reason would u have not to text someone. Don’t worry it’s jus one girl, this is actually extremely common, jus move on lol.

  3. It’s because we don’t know what to say to guys. We don’t really know what you like to talk about other than sports and gaming. We can’t really start a convo with you guys about sports or gaming because not all girls know sports or even game. That’s why. Oh and also we like guys to be forward and ask us out, not the other way around. Hopes this helps 🙂

  4. i understand you! had the same thing happen to me, except i was the girl…. well anyway this girl never start the conversations because shes probably a little more shy and doesnt know how to start it, she may also just like that you start it. maybe one day dont text her and see if she texts you instead. the next day (if she didnt text you to start) text her and ask her whats up? she may say nothing in reply, but she might ask why you didnt text her yesterday, and this is a sign that she doesnt necessarily enjoy starting conversations.

    Hope i helped!

  5. She probably doesn’t know what to talk about. its more complicated for girls to tallk about what guys want.girls were born to be talkers and make other people listen. just talk about what she likes.

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