Girl question… help?>?

Question by Grant: Girl question… help?>?
ok so ive talked to this girl (that i really like) 3 times on facebook (nvr in real life) and shes started 2 of the conversations…. so anyways… im friends with her on facebook and tumblr. on facebook someone said they needed someone to text… and i posted me too… then about 1 minute later she posted on tumblr that she was bored and wanted to text someone, and they should message her for her #…. is this a coincidence or was she aiming it at me?

also she deleted that post after like 15 minutes because i think one of her followers actually tried to text her lol.

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Answer by Asmith
Text her or talk to her in person.. the worst that could happen is she turns you down

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  1. aww your so adorable! haha i think shes too scared to actually tell you too text her, so message her and be like, you bored huh? want me to text you? ad if she replyed “sure” or “yes!” then text her, if she reply i guess or idc or maybe, then dont, but when you do text her, make sure the messages are like 10 mins apart that you send, the suspense kills us girls and it makes us wonder and want you more! and a good game of playing hard to get, theres a big possibility she likes you (: remember to be calm tho, and keep the conversation going, and we love funny guys! but dont be cocky. i wish you the best of luck
    !!!! you will do fine (:

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