Girl Not Texting Back?

Question by Tobias Funke: Girl Not Texting Back?
I got this girls number at the bar two nights ago and she is a legit 10/10. So I was texting her for a little bit last night and she suddenly stopped. I asked her where shes seeing the fireworks and she asked me where I am seeing them in reply. I followed it up by asking how was the beach because she said she was there the entire day and I got no reply. I texted her it around 930 pm last night and still no reply? Should I not be asking her all these nice guy questions?

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Answer by Satan Claws
Texting is not a replacement for actual human contact.

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  1. Maybe she got bored maybe something happened so she cant text you back the only thing you can do is wait and see if she does reply if not send her one more txt and if she doesnt reply to that one then i think you have been too nice and should move on

  2. maybe she just doesnt like you, or she doesnt think your a legit 10/10. maybe she found out you have a girlfriend…

  3. Could be just something as simple as her battery ran out and she needs to charge it up before she can text you back, or if she is on pay as you go, she might have run out of credit. So hang on in there, I bet she will get in touch as soon as she can

  4. There is usually an explanation for these kind of events, maybe being busy? Phone problems? It could be anything really. Its nothing to worry about.This is NOTHING to worry about…trust me I’m a girl (:

    If she ignores you for a VERY long time then you should have some concern.

  5. i dunno dude…. i have similar shit happen to me! everything sounds good, just chattin away and then they stop textin! why? i’ve not said owt bad, i’ve not been offensive, i’ve not even met you yet so why the fuck have you stopped talking!!! lol

  6. I would not worry something prolly came up wait a little while and text her later tonight or tomorrow night like nothing happened. Keep being a nice guy and if she doesnt respond then i would forget about her and move on there are more 10’s out there!

  7. She isn’t into you anymore. Just move on to the next girl. Also texting is just words to get to know them fully you need to go on dates in person or if it is long distance talks on the phone or lengthy emails.

  8. Stop texting her, and give her a chance to text you back. Next time she does text you act like you are busy. Give her a little chance to chase you and show her that you are a challenge. Yes and girls don’t generally like a bunch of boring questions.. its very possible she was just being polite at first and realized after that she didn’t want to lead you on she so stopped texting you all together.

  9. Dont text or call her till she reply backs . From experience i have learnt if you text why dident you reply or somthing alone those lines there will be a perfectl good reson why she dident and you will feel stupid.
    I know its like so annoying not knowing why she hasent replied back but just leave it and it will all work out .


  10. Personally, when I dont text back, it’s because I dont like them or I dont have anything to say back

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