Girl never texts me first? Should I just keep texting her or wait?

Question by CC: Girl never texts me first? Should I just keep texting her or wait?
So there’s this girl that I like from school who never texts me first. The only times she texted me first was to wish me a happy birthday or to ask me a quick question. She’s been recently working a lot so I’m always wondering when she’s free but I feel like if I keep on texting her and asking I will get annoying after a while, so I told her the last time we spoke to text me when she’s free. She said she will do it but I have a feeling that she won’t going by previous experiences where I told her to text me her days available and she never did. Is not texting first just a thing all girls do? Should I keep on texting her and asking her when she’s available or should I wait and she if she texts me first?

PS. We’ve hung out a couple times so far this summer so it’s not like she’s trying to avoid me or anything like that.

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Answer by Mike
u text her first apparently, they like it that way ????? i no it sucks

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  1. This is interesting because girls always like for guys to text first. There isn’t a girl out there who wouldn’t want that certain someone to say hi. Text her once and if she responds, great! If not, wait a few days and then try again. If this doesn’t work, I would say something to her in person like, “hey how have you been lately?” or “what’s been going on with you recently?” something like that to let her know you’re interested but don’t text too often or yeah you might annoy her. First see how she responds. I know it stinks being the first person to text, it’s a let down, but in this case, I think it’s okay 🙂

    Good luck, I’m rooting for you!

  2. I always wait for guys to text me first. Even if it’s a week I wait so I would say just text her first

  3. Keep doing it this girl really likes me and I always txt first its bc they like us to make first move

  4. looool, yeah, us girls like to be texted first. but not if we don’t like you. there was once this guy that liked me like alot.. and he texted me first like EVERYDAYYYY and would never leave me alone. and i got really annoyed.. but now theres this guy i like and i get so happy when he texts me first, i wouldn’t even mind if he texted me everyday. but just be careful, don’t text her like every day. just text her like maybe once or twice a week and then maybe she’ll start texting you first.

  5. I think you should text her first she is prolly thinking she doesn’t want to bug you. Trust me I hate having to be the one to text the guy first. We think the same way (:

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