Girl didnt text back?

Question by Jay: Girl didnt text back?
I was sure we were having a good conversation but she never texted back. :/
what are some reasons girls dont text back? if she was interested, she would surely text back, right?

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Answer by Trust me. I’m a Doctor
The number one reason that a girl won’t text back is because she is busy. Lol. That is the problem with texting. Call her tomorrow. Don’t text her again at all today (Even if she texts back) but call her tomorrow.

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  1. If i don’t text back it’s usually cause something needed my attention ameditly,
    If i did not like you i would just tell you to your face!

  2. Maybe her service is bad, or maybe she is sleep, maybe she is out at the movies, or with her sick mother… see the problem with texting is it makes you like a worried woman, so pick up the phone and call her like a man and invite her out. Girls chat with girls all day, men make action so text very little and act more or she’ll lose interest… might be too late, if so get a better girl

  3. Well im a girl and these are the reasons why I wouldnt text back..
    1) im bored, i hate talking to ppl if theyre boring and conversation is going NO WHERE..but if you two had a good convo that cant be the case
    2) fell asleep, depending on what time it is or if im really tired i wont reply back
    3) if i dont know what to reply back with, i usually dont reply
    4) if things seem awkward between the person im talking to, i wont reply.
    5) if im trying to have a conversation and the person keeps replying very short
    6) if im busy, its either at practice, with my friends, on vacation, with family and etc, and i just dont have time or is having too much fun to text back
    7) phone died, lost my phone..(happens alot to me haha)
    8) get distracted by things and forget to reply back

    And thats all i can think of! Hope that helped! Dont jump to negative conclusions quite yet, i assume its very late..its friday night, she prob had a busy day or is hanging out with friends. Its okay! If a girl wasnt interested, you guys wouldnt have a good conversation. So youre fine! Shes tired or busy, so calm. Its ok.(:

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