Getting together with an ex-girlfriend is like handing kryptonite to all of your buddies.

Getting together with an ex-girlfriend is like handing kryptonite to all of your buddies.

  • Why? They might not be for the idea very much in the beginning. They may be stark raving crazy against you being together again. But really, it is your decision. They can tell you it is a mistake, a bad idea, a stupid more however many times they want to. But they don’t know her like you do or even like her like you do. They could even be jealous of the fact that you have a girl and they don’t and you will have someone to hang out with and go and see things across town. The ball and chain might not be so bad compared to their lonely and boring life.
  • But you need to get back together with her first and it might take a little bit of finesse. After all, you did break up over something. But you can get back together without your friends’ permission or knowledge if that is what you want to do in the first place.

Before you get the ex-girlfriend back you need to know what you can’t do when you are trying to win her over to your side again.


What Not To Do

Did she end the relationship? Whether it was that she got cold feet because the relationship was moving too fast or else she couldn’t commit, it ended. It was awful and humiliating and you immediately went in to fix mode and tried to win her back in one of the traditional and predictable methods of getting your ex back. Did you:

– Spend a lot of money on flowers or expensive gifts?

– Make a declaration of love?

– Tell her you would change your ways?

– Send constant texts and voicemails with the above?

– Put your life on hold while trying to convince her?


That was the wrong way to win her back. It might be what every other guy has tried, but don’t be like every other guy. You actually want to get back together with her.

  • Any of the methods listed will make you actually appear weak. Who wants to appear pathetic and that they will try  anything to get a girl back? No one. Yet guys do it! Why? Because it is what is shown on the movies to work. But those listed methods will not attract her to you. It will actually repel her. There are what you WANT to do in order to draw her back to you:


Become independent from her but in a way that you will still be visible to her. You will want to:


  • Use social media pages to block her direct access to you. Deny her from viewing your Facebook and Twitter page so she is curious as to what you are doing and not able to see it directly.
  • Stop communicating with her. Don’t reply to a text or return a voicemail.
  • Keep away from any mutual friends that you have between you so they can’t report back to her.
  • Work on yourself! Go to the gym, try a new haircut or pick up a new hobby.
  • Pretend she doesn’t’ exist and go out and meet other girls.


What these methods do is prove to her you can function without her just fine. You don’t need her in order to have fun, be yourself or even try new things. It shows you are confident in who you are and what you are doing and that life without her is working for you.

This will then allow a few months to pass where she will contact you. This will lead in to part 2 of the plan to get your ex back. Here is the plan:


  • When she makes contact with you again, pretend it is like the first time and you don’t have a background together. You will want to pick up your art of flirting skills and use them to rope her in…again.

This time you will have a different goal in mind. You will want to do the following:

  • Make her jealous that other women are available and interested and she could lose you.
  •  Make her nostalgic and remember the great things between the two of you.
  • Remember the hot sex times when that was all you thought about or wanted to to and that she could have those feelings again if she wanted.

Once those feelings surface and she remembers how great you were, it is only a matter of time before you are back together. She will be putty in your hands and then you can move the relationship to where you want it to be again.

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