Getting a Girl’s Phone Number

It is pretty easy to get yourself all decked out and head out on the town. The hard part is meeting girls. Maybe not the actual meeting, because they are all over the place. The hard part is getting their attention and interacting enough to get their phone numbers.

  • You’ll want to interact enough to get her interested so that she gives out her phone number. Once you have that phone number, then you are almost guaranteed you can work on taking the relationship to the next level. You will be able to get in touch with her and send funny pictures, a cute joke or even an emoticon. But you HAVE to get her phone number first.
  • Getting a phone number for a girl isn’t as easy as it used to be. For example, before cell phones and caller ID a person could just ignore their phone if they didn’t want to answer it and never know any better who is calling. Nowadays a phone number is a lot more personal because it can lead to direct communication via a text. Sure a girl can ignore it, but texting words will open up the communication like an ignored phone call never can. Therefore, a girl will be more resistant to giving out her phone number. She needs to be comfortable with handing her phone number to you, so you are going to have to work for it.
  • You might need a little or a lot of help in getting a girl’s phone number. Here are some ways to easily ask for the phone number so you can continue interacting with her and take any relationship to the next level to investigate.

Tips on Asking a Girl for Her Phone Number

 1. Approach girls when you do go out.

  • There are two ways to go out. You can go out, stand around against the wall and never interact with a girl or even a guy for that matter. Technically you are out, but when you don’t interact it doesn’t really count. You’ll never get a girl’s phone number by being a wallflower by yourself on the wall. Get in there and interact. Socialize. Brush up on your flirting skills.


2. Practice the art of making her comfortable.


  • When you do decide to socialize and interact with girls, do it so she becomes comfortable with you. You aren’t going to ever get a phone number if you are tense and make a girl feel tense. Interact, make small talk and then get a little more personal and ask what she is interested in or what she has planned for the future. Ask for her phone number and then you can immediately build on her comfort and work to getting the relationship started. When you put them at ease right away you will have a much easier time or asking for and receiving a phone number. It won’t be hard to get phone numbers once you have the confidence and the know how to be at ease around any number of people.

3. Don’t show enthusiasm at getting the number….too much.

  • This might not appear like it at first, but getting her phone number is really just a game. And when you “win” the game and get her phone number you need to play it cool. You might know you just won the game, but don’t run around fist pumping and blow your cool. Pretend you are more interested in the venue you are at or the event you are attending than the number in your hands. You might have asked to trade contact information and worked hard at making her comfortable, but she doesn’t need to know that. Be cool or she could end up ignoring you and regretting giving out her contact information to you.

4. Do a lot of interesting things around your own town.

  • You need to play it cool and you need to be cool. Find out where the hottest places are in town and explore them on your own first. This helps you to develop leadership skills – because you will know all about this place, where to stand, what to order, what to do, etc. It will also make you look well traveled since you been there and done that. If you can’t attend them in person then go out and read up on the venue. Research the places online or buy a city guidebook and do some background work. When you do get to see each other again you will be able to impress her with your skills and that is the first step to being able to take the relationship to another level with more interaction and possibly intimacy.


5. Get over your fear and just ask.

  • What happens when you ask for phone numbers? You have a very good chance that you will get them. What happens if you never ask for a phone number? Then you will never get one! The more you ask, the more that phone numbers will be given to you no matter what type of event you are at. The more people you learn to converse with, the better you will get at asking for their phone numbers. It takes practice, so stop waiting and get out there. The more you ask, the higher your chances for success will be.  Make connections and be visible. Be social. Ask for numbers and you will start receiving them.

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