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Fear of talking to girls? Need help desperate!?

Question by Alex: Fear of talking to girls? Need help desperate!?
so im 16 years old, Male Im in year 11 and I go to a school with around 1500 students,
All my life I have never had a friend girl, Girls call me cute but it those Sl*tty ones that just talks to EVERYONE no matter what…
I need tips to how to talk to a girl,
please dont respond saying something like “Be nice, start of slow” Yes I know all of that but…
HOW DO YOU start a conversation in the first place? I cant go up to a girl and introduce myself in front of her because thats kinda weird and creepy…. I dont get how guys from lower grades can somehow ‘magically’ get with girls from year 12!!!
I want to talk to some girls ranging from year 10- year 12s…
Unfortunately all of my classes are mostly guys because i do woodwork, Metals, sports etc, with barely any girls…

Anyway I thought of this when i was in the library while staring O.o (creep lol) at those hot year 12 girls…. How would I meet them without looking weird, Also I got a bit of ACNE on my face which destroys my courage also :/…

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Answer by Chrissy
Smile, say hello and have self confidence. Girls can tell right off the bat at a first glance of a guy if would be worth it or not and that comes from noticing if he has self confidence or not. Being good looking is a plus too. So start working on those things because frankly, if you don’t start changing your ways, you are never going to get laid.

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