Fear of talking to girls? Need help desperate!?

Question by Alex: Fear of talking to girls? Need help desperate!?
so im 16 years old, Male Im in year 11 and I go to a school with around 1500 students,
All my life I have never had a friend girl, Girls call me cute but it those Sl*tty ones that just talks to EVERYONE no matter what…
I need tips to how to talk to a girl,
please dont respond saying something like “Be nice, start of slow” Yes I know all of that but…
HOW DO YOU start a conversation in the first place? I cant go up to a girl and introduce myself in front of her because thats kinda weird and creepy…. I dont get how guys from lower grades can somehow ‘magically’ get with girls from year 12!!!
I want to talk to some girls ranging from year 10- year 12s…
Unfortunately all of my classes are mostly guys because i do woodwork, Metals, sports etc, with barely any girls…

Anyway I thought of this when i was in the library while staring O.o (creep lol) at those hot year 12 girls…. How would I meet them without looking weird, Also I got a bit of ACNE on my face which destroys my courage also :/…

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Answer by Chrissy
Smile, say hello and have self confidence. Girls can tell right off the bat at a first glance of a guy if would be worth it or not and that comes from noticing if he has self confidence or not. Being good looking is a plus too. So start working on those things because frankly, if you don’t start changing your ways, you are never going to get laid.

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  1. Try and be as natural as you can. and also try and find a common interest you both have, for example if you’re in the library and she has a book you have also read say something like ‘Oh i see you’re reading (whatever title it is) I really liked it, what do you think?’. try and start up a conversation with some humour in it, but keep it light hearted. If you can make her smile you’re on a winner.
    Most of all don’t try too hard, it’s all down to practice the more you try the better you’ll get. Good luck

  2. Be confident! Compliment her and when she says thank you (if she says thank you) she might ask your name or you can ask her name, if she’s wearing a sports uniform ask about what sport she plays, then if y’all are still talking ask her about what classes she takes then let her know you have something to do so you will catch up with her later if you build up the courage you can ask for her number. Hope this helps!

  3. You need to be yourself and tell them how you feel. Nothing like hate or disgust for something but more about your interests and desires in life. Don’t make conversations just about you giving your testimonials or opinions always, ask her questions and give her time to answer so you can listen and respond. Jump from topic to topic and don’t think of her as a female you need to get with, but as a friend you can safely conversing with. The reason younger guys get older girls is because they know how to talk to them which allows them to become more confident in their life. Talk to girls you don’t even like. Don’t think of it as trying to get wiu every girl just talk with them as friends first. You will be more rational because your nervousness won’t overcome your speech. Females gather information while males hunt for the point. Converse on the female’s level. That’s basically it.

  4. Frankly speaking i have lots of girls and right now i am fcuking a girl but just to answer your stupid question i am taking pause ok.. but chose my answer as best or else i will send gays at your home (ofcos when you are alone)

    …No matter how many books you read on girls or do surfing on net blah blah bra…you still would be a looser….If you want to be a good communicator then start communicating……If you want to talk nicely with the girls then start talking with the girls,only this thing will help you and nothing else,,How? Dude it will build your confidence and thats what all girls need….you said stupid girls calls you cute, Dont ignore them you idiot,,catch one of those girls and hang with her…obviously she will leave you after hearing your voice hahaha,,,but this will show you your mistake…repaire that mistake and catch another girl…so basically whats your objective make mistake and repair it…thats it…you would be a most wanted boy…and slowly slowly this will take you to the hottest chick in the skool.

    0)What a actually a girl Finds in a boy?
    Ans. No you Idiot its not a penis…..girls actually like a boy (1)who is confident..(2)who has some respect in his surroundings..and most importantly the way you chat…..no matter how ugly you look ,you will earn a girl by this three things

    But remember Dont play with the girl’s emotions just play with those girls who are players.

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