Fear of talking to girls i like?

Question by leafs234567: Fear of talking to girls i like?
So i have no problem talking to girls that i work with or girls/customers in the store i work in. And its not work related talking we talk abt other stuff. But i find i harder to talk to a girl that i like because i dont know what to talk about. Usually when i talk to other girls conversation comes naturally. ANY HELP??
Today i asked this girl out and my mouth was soooo dry and was really nervous but than 5 min later i was perfect talking to a girl i know when i was coming home.

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Answer by Billy
they shit and smell just like you, there no better than you and don’t be intimidated by them

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  1. Well I think its all in your head, you psych yourself out, and that is not cool. Just relax, you know whats the worst the girl can do? good luck.

  2. it’s natural! lol
    It happenes to girls too. I am a girl and I was scared to talked to the guys I liked even tho i knew they liked me back and I missed a lot of things because of that.
    You just feel nervous because you fear of rejection, you are scared she won’t like you. that’s basically it.

  3. wow ok deff dont listen to billy
    but yeah just act naturall because thats what girls like dont try to impress them just be yourself

  4. you caaannot be nervous around a girl, im not even kidding, stand in front of a mirror and just repeat, im strong, dont let her bring me down
    or something like that. WHEN a guy is like all nervous, it makes me feel like ew? is he going to croak on the ground before he asks me to the movies tonight or what!!!

  5. this is normal. all men are embarassed to talk to girls they “like”. try your best, and/or ask friends’ advice for this. —i hope i helped—

  6. That’s what ususally happens to a lot of people when there talking to someone they like. The best thing to do is just put yourself out there. If your nervous try not to show it. If you end up showing it usually that can make it uncomfortable for the girl and make the conversation kind of go sour. Just practice, find a girl that your friends with and whatever you talk about with that girl trying to talk about the same thing with the girl you like. If you smile and (cliche) be yourself and have confidnce you will find that conversation can be easier. relax and just listen, most of the time girls will do the talking for you anyway.

  7. Just remember they’re only people – very STRANGE people, but people nonetheless.

    Also, remember that you’re superior, because you can pee standing up.

  8. Just take a deep breath and say in your head the most she can do is say no, its not the end of world if she do say no. Also think their are other fish in the sea. No reason to be nervous when talking to girl you like.

  9. practice this: try to find defects from chicks u like. an example would be the funny shoes she wears. u can also try to make fun of her with ideas such as: “ur hands look more of like men,” or “ur nose jiggles when u laugh.” try to get other ideas similar to the ones from here.

  10. Your fear is not of the girls it is of being rejected. Somehow you will have to learn that sometimes a girl may not be into you as well as you may not be into a girl that is into you. You have to think what is the worst that can happen if she says no to a date or snubs you then it was not meant to be and move on. Think of these girls that you are attracted to just as the girls that you speak to and converse with, really they aren’t any different. You are psycing yourself out and therefore losing confidence which is not at all attractive. Girls like guys who show that they are secure in who they are, and some girls will abuse your fear against you so you will have to come to terms that girls are just girls. Nothing to be afraid of or lose your nerve over, if you do not put yourself out there then you will never get over your fear.

    Girls love compliments so compliment her hair, shoes, nails, shirt, dress whatever, this will open up a conversation on a positive note and should get a smile from her. Find out what her intrests are, does she play sports, have a job, like art, music. Then talk about an event that may be coming up that involves her intrests, invite her to it or invite her to come to your game, tell her you’ll see her at hers and then invite her out afterwards for a milkshake or burger. Be natural and yourself, girls can always pick up a scent on fear and phonies!! Hope this helps.

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