FAQ – First Date Questions

Having a first day is hard. You not only have to worry about impressions, you are against the clock in doing it. You have to impress her enough, yet not appear pathetic and make her want to go out with you a second time. But what should you focus on accomplishing the most? Making her feel comfortable with you so that she can trust you, talk to you and generally rely that you are a good guy and have the boyfriend skills she could want and need with a man.

You will need to employ the first date questions to keep the date moving, interesting and get her thinking and wanting a second date.

Following are questions to ask and what ones to avoid.

Q: What are the worst types of first date questions?

  •  A: Ones that put her in a position like she is on a job interview. Don’t ask about her background education, how many pets she has at home or even what her job is right away. These things you will find out in time through natural conversation, so don’t force the issue.  Asking about this will make her uncomfortable and that is the last thing in the world you want to do.

Q: What should I ask instead?

  •  A: Keep the questions you do ask at an emotional level. Get her to talk about her worst date ever. She will open up and give you answers but it also allows you the chance to chime in with your own experiences. It might even give yourselves an opportunity to laugh together over a similar horrible experience. And you can also make a mental note of what made it horrible and to avoid doing the same event!

Q: Can I wait until the second date to go for the kiss?

  • A: You can do whatever you want, it is your date. But skipping it might end up hurting your chances for getting the second date. Getting a kiss at the end of the first date will make her crave a second one that much more. If it just doesn’t happen naturally then there isn’t much you can do and she might still go on a second date with you. But at least try and get one in so that she knows you are serious and what your intentions toward her are.

Q: Any other tips?

  • A: Form your questions in to statements so that she can reply and offer her own input but not feel like she is against the firing squad with questions. You might be eager to know everything possible about her, but again, play it cool. If you can get her interest up and committed to a second date or even more, then the information will all come out in time. Rephrase your question of “Where are you from?” to be more like “You must be from the south. You have that Southern charm.” It is a questions with a bit of compliment mixed in. What girl can resist that? It will also allow you to display emotion and charm.

 Hope that helps!

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