Dumping via Text Happens One out of Every Ten Times

Breaking Up Isn’t Hard to Do With Texting


Was your last relationship ended with the latest technology through your phone? If you are like ten percent of Americans, then there is a good chance you have been dumped via a text message, according to a recent study conducted.

The Daily Mail claims one out of every ten people are let go from a relationship in a cowardly way – the text. It’s bad enough to feel embarrassed over doing it in person, but when they can’t even face you to do it – that’s low! Recombu.com is a site that recently conducted their own survey and found out that of the 2,000 people surveyed, texting plays a large part in setting up and tearing apart relationships.

For the person who thinks ten percent is just a tiny number and scoff at it, imagine how many were dumped remotely just 20 years ago. None! That makes a ten percent growth very large. And if you factor in the world population of ten percent, you could suddenly have 67 million people looking for a text messages that says “it’s not you, it’s me”.


Another survey asked people about flirting inappropriately via text messages. One out of four admits to improper flirting. And the survey goes on to say that one of three people read the messages on their significant other’s phones. But the messages must not be all that bad because only one in ten remembers to delete them before a partner could get to them.

Sometimes sending a dump text is quicker than playing a game of Words With Friends. But the majority of people still choose to dump in person, over dinner or even a drink. 90% of folks have to sit through the embarrassment across the dinner table and finish eating with pride over a breakup. Hopefully cell phone companies won’t add break up messages as a part of their quick reply services!

What about you? Would you dump someone via a text?

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