Does this mean she is starting to lose interest in me?

Question by chris: Does this mean she is starting to lose interest in me?
I been talking to this girl for about a month. We have gone on 3 dates and after the 3rd one she invited me to come spend new years with her and her family. We text all the time but it seems like her text replies are getting shorter. I haven’t seen her since new year’s eve and I want to spend time her. I started a text conversation today and I ended it by saying “we should get together and hang out soon have a good night” and all she said was “ok have a goodnight” could she be losing interest? I am ready to tell her how I feel about her but its only been a month and I don’t want to scare her away. What do you guys think? Or should I tell her how I feel now rather than wait?

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Answer by Bobby
dont tell her how you feel, wait about a week or half a week and text her again. but this time actually have plans dont just say lets hangout. also dont man up and quit texting like a bitch

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  1. I think you should allow her to approach you. Do not try to elongate a conversation from your side and don’t make any more offers. As a friend, you should respect the boundaries she draws and she should know not to take you for granted. Don’t accuse, be courteous, be respectful and happy. Wait and watch!

  2. I think its possible that shes losing interest, but its unlikely. Since she asked you to have new years with her family and stuff, she definitely is interested and is comfortable around you. Maybe make concrete plans with her and see how she responds. If she makes an excuse, then you can pretty much say she’s lost interest, for whatever reason. But I think she was just busy/not paying attention or may even need some space.

  3. You have only been on a few dates. You don’t know this girl well enough yet if you ask me.
    I say give her some space or pull back a bit and get to know her slowly.She may be busy or have a lot on her plate.She may be dating someone else.Was this talked about when you first started dating? Don’t bombard her with questions though or act needy.This may scare her off.
    I say let her come to you this time.Leave her some room and make her wonder about you.

  4. She may be. Try calling her and asking her on a real date, not text her with a hang out request. Be sure you have plans, like “Would you like to have dinner with me X night?” If she responds favorably, then keep moving things in that direction. If not, maybe her family didn’t like you so much (sorry). Usually, when a gal asks a guy to be with her family, she’s serious, and her family checks the guy out ~ just like a guy’s family would check her out.

  5. Meet up once more, see how it goes, then decide. Whatever happens, happens. If its meant to be it’ll happen. Gods got this.✌❤

  6. First off, listen to my story because it’s similar to yours and then i’ll give you advice later in this response. Well, I am in the same kinda predicament as you actually. The funny thing is is that I actually liked this one guy who I thought me and him had a really good connection but he ended up being really weird, cancelling on me whenever I wanted to hang out with him, and he ended up seeing someone else because he is now in a relationship.

    So during winter break i got a text from another guy friend of mine (I had no idea he liked me either!) haha but he ended up texting me saying I’d really like to hang out with you someday this break. So we did yesterday and he automatically told me his feelings pretty much right there. He said to me “I wanted to ask you out as friends but I really was asking you out for today as like a friend date.” Then he saw my eyes and said wow you have such beautiful eyes, you really do they are soo attractive – one of the reasons why I asked you out and he asked me if I hang out with guys one-on-one, if I had a boyfriend, a lot of questions about me (very personal).

    Now onto the advice. I think you should have let this girl know beforehand what your intentions were because she might have thought you guys were going out as just friends.

    Tell her can we get together one day. Ask her outright that is the only way to get a surefire response. Then get a date, day, time, location, etc and then go from there.. It’s best right now to just test the waters then next time you guys get to hang out, that is the time when you casually bring up that you wanted to ask her out on a real date and let her know your true feelings right then and there.

  7. She could be. Cool it off and back up a little. When guys like a girl they LIKE a girl. It’s super obvious and kinda scary cuz guys come on full force and are so sure about it.

  8. personally i think you should give it time! let her have some space and in a few days text her asking how she is, and all that, even mention like a cute coffee date just to catch up on the days you’ve spent apart! hope that helped!!

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