Does talking to girls get easier as you get older?

Question by F Fffcvvh: Does talking to girls get easier as you get older?
I’m 14 and I’m absolutely petrified of talking to girls. Does it get easier as you grow up?

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Answer by Casey
No, talking to girls gets easier the more you talk to them.

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  1. No it doesn’t get easier because girls become more compliyed as we get older haha.. Just start small talk with anyone as much as you can, it will raise your confidence in yourself 🙂

  2. Yes, but things don’t improve. As they get older, they start playing more and more complex head games with guys, so though it may be easier to talk to them, you can’t trust or believe 95% of anything they say to you.

  3. It’s a skill like any other , which is to say it improves with practice. If you never practice, it never gets easier. Age has nothing to do with it, there are 60-year-olds who get shy and tongue-tied with the opposite sex.

  4. It only gets easier if you learn how to develop the skills to talk to women.

    Learn how to build and create attraction, charm joke have fun.

    If you learn the skills the answer to your question is yes, it gets better and becomes a much more pleasurable, relaxed, positive and healthy experience for both parties involved.

  5. Yes,it would get easier as you’ll try to talk to them more,make friends with them etc.You know that’s why they say “practice makes perfect”

    Yes & by age you become wiser & obv. gain experience.

  6. Dude, I’m with you I’m 15 and if I haven’t spoken to them before I realized I’m a nervous wreck that shit is not happening, a easy technique I’ve figured out, (Although it sounds lame.) Hit them up with a conversation like on facebook or something, although it’s not face to face it reassures you more comfort around them so you won’t be so petrified of doing it in real life. (:

    Good luck man.

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