Does it annoy you when someone texts you alot?

Question by tYrESe: Does it annoy you when someone texts you alot?
like whenever im about to text this girl i like, i feel like shes gonna be annoyed when i do.
Do you ever get annnoyed when someone texts you?

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Answer by Poopoo Lalala
alittlee not so much

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12 thoughts on “Does it annoy you when someone texts you alot?”

  1. only when they respond with one word or if they have no good topics to talk about

  2. sometimes
    dont constantly text her just cool it a lil
    wait for her to text back
    email her
    but it doesnt really bother me

  3. If she likes you she wont b annoyed. But if she doesnt, she will probably be annoyed. Just try it out, ya got nothing to loose.

  4. nah, texting is entertaining, well as long as you get a good conversation going, if you start to think of nothing and you both just start saying ‘sooo’ or ‘lol’ with nothing else in thought, just say bye. But if you keep a good conversation then she;ll enjoy texting, I had to text this girl for like 8 hours straight because she didn’t want to stop talking lol :p

  5. If she has intrest in you she won’t be mad..she will happily text back :)..just dont over text..take ur time texting her back dont text back right away if she does text you back. Good luck..and try not to be like overbearing

  6. not if they txt me alot but when they are txting me and the conversation and the person wants to keept starting it back up then yeah i do. like it doesnt bother me like if he does it once or twice but if he does it damn 10 times it gets annoying as fukkkk especially if you dont like the guy like that

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