Do u think it’s weird if a girl texts first?

Question by Nicki: Do u think it’s weird if a girl texts first?
so me and my guy friend were talking (were in 8th gr.) and I Said “we never text” and he said “ya and I said “well u have to text first bcuz it’s weird for girls to text first” and his face scrunched up and said “uh no girls should text first and Its weird if a guy texts first” I was shocked. my other friend who was a girl said “wow. girls shouldn’t text first” and that was the end of the conversation. do u think it’s weird for a girl to text first? shouldn’t a guy text first?

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Answer by Leesha Lizard
well 8th grade, immature. he probably just wants you to text him first, because it builds his confidence and makes him feel like you like him, which makes him feel like he has power being the one who is getting texted. guys are weird with that stuff and always try to be the better one.

it’s not weird if girls text first at all

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  1. I wouldn`t consider it wierd for a girl to text first.. Its just girl are more texters than guys.. plus when girls text first it shows confidence!! and confidence is key!! Dont make such a big deal of it.. Just text the guy and get used to it.. That way by the time you really like a guy you wont feel awkward about texting a guy.. Guys like it when the girl text first!! trust me every guy I know agrees!! And like I said dont make a big deal out of it..Its not wierd either way.. Just say hey!! 🙂 best of luck 😀

  2. I don’t think it’s weird. I’m talking to a guy online at the minute and I always start talking to him first cause I’m just like “OMG HE’S ONLINE” and I can’t contain myself so I send him a message without thinking about whether I’m first or not xD

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