Do guys pay attention to girls texting them?

Question by Allison: Do guys pay attention to girls texting them?
I’m just wondering if guys in general care about texting habits and stuff from girls. I know girls generally pay attention to how often a guy texts her, how quickly he replies, how lengthly his replies are, and if he texts her first more than she texts him first. We do this whether we like the guy or not. Do guys recognize the same things? And if not, what about a girl’s text do they remember?

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Answer by Shawn
well not to that excess like you do, but i find it annoying when a girl doesn’t talk in texts, but just replies with lol. What the hell am I suppose to do with lol?

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  1. Yes and No I guess, do me a favor and refrain from using single words replies like ‘wow’ ‘lol’ ‘because’ etc… you can drive a man crazy with them.

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