Do guys not talk to the girls they like on purpose?

Question by nerual: Do guys not talk to the girls they like on purpose?
Do guys purposely not text a girl too much or talk to them because they don’t want to bother them or feel like they are annoying?

Do guys constantly think about the girl they are sleeping with or the girl they like?

I do this because I feel like I might be bothersome sometimes just in case.

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Answer by Sabrina
I do the same thing you do

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8 thoughts on “Do guys not talk to the girls they like on purpose?”

  1. maybe. I’m in need for a good answer for such a question too. But I’d really think they’d avoid because they think that its stupid to fall for girls- who’s greater? Boys they think. They’re always about their Image. Not to look or sound sissy, they ignore the girls purposely so that the girls feel that they need to get something right. Boys that way feel good.
    All teh best! Cheers!

  2. Well honestly no not all guys, im actually the one trying to make the first call or text but most of the time im beaten… -_- and yes it’s because if the girl gets annoyed or thinks the guy will be clingly they’re scared she’ll run away from him. For the sleeping or like, it’s depends on the guy if he enjoys more sex then he’ll think of the girl he’s sleeping with. if it’s the girl he likes then he’ll probably not be sleeping in the 1st place most likely. and if you feel like your bothering him just ask him if your annoying him. your a girl so probably not being bothersome! and im serious most guys like attention from girls it makes it so they know that your interested! (most of the time) hopefully i’ve been of help to you.

    If you can please help me out i’d apericate it alot… thanks

  3. It could be a whole number of things. Maybe he is a busy guy. I’ve been in many situations where I was doing five things at once. We men cannot multitask. Sometimes I feel like I am bothering my girlfriend so I just lay low until she talks to me. I think about her all the time. I’m sure you don’t bother him… unless he’s busy. That’s one of the few times men cannot handle talking to women.

    Good luck. I hope I’ve helped a little.

  4. Yes. Girls want attention and to give your undivided attention to a girl you like all the time is perilous. Sure they may think about the girl they like but guys who are successful with girls aren’t thinking about the one they like constantly.

  5. Have some self confidence, you are a valuable person and can make other people’s day, but it sounds to me like you’ve been around guys who try to make you feel like you’re nothing so they can easily manipulate you.

    If you are bothersome, they will let you know. If you aren’t sure, ask them, and they will be sure to let you know.

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