Do guys like to text girls first or nah?

Question by Music is life: Do guys like to text girls first or nah?
If a guy is into a girl, does he text the girl first or does he wait til the girl texts him?

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Answer by <3
we girls wait for the guy to text 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Do guys like to text girls first or nah?”

  1. I think that the guy should text first the first time you guys talk, and most of the time after that. However, it makes a man feel desired if a girl texts him first once in awhile, but not all the time or the girl may start to look desperate! Hope that helped:) Good luck!

  2. Some guys like it if she is willing to text him first. Don’t set aside certain imaginary rules you have to follow because of gender,be brave girlie and send him that text!!!!

  3. I like to wait it out and have him text me first…if he’s really into you, it’ll happen. I have this little system where one day I’ll wait for him to text me first, and the next day, I might text him first… It varies.

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