Do guys get annoyed when girls text them?

Question by SoDelicious: Do guys get annoyed when girls text them?
When you, the guy, say “hey” and the girl replies with nice, regular replies, and is texting like she actually cares, and you just reply with short, conversation ending txts. Why?
Why do guys do that..

I stop texting my boyfriend after a bit, because I’m worried that I’m annoying him, or something. He never says I am, but when he replies with things like “yeah” “fun :)” or “I know”, I feel overbearing or something. He replies with boring replies, and I have to keep the conversation alive, but then it gets hard to, so I stop texting him..

When you get a text from your girl randomly saying “I miss ya”, does that annoy you somehow? When a girl starts the conversation, how does that make you feel? Because the texts from the guy usually are boring..

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Answer by Sam
The short, conversation ending txts isn’t just from guys.
Girls do it too, but normally they do it because they are hiding something.
If guys get annoyed, they don’t reply, simple.
Some will be honest and tell you if you’re being annoying.

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2 thoughts on “Do guys get annoyed when girls text them?”

  1. Sometimes guyss are busy when we send the short texts it dosent always mean we dont want to talk, it could also bfe that he dosent know what to say. saying that you miss him shouldent be to bothering as long as its not often. when the girl texts first its good becuase it would feel as she cares compared to if the guy is the one to start the conversation all the time.

  2. Some guys do get annoyed when a girl text him first. So I recommend that a girl never text a guy first (unless it is an emergency). Always wait patiently for the guy to be the aggressor, and let HIM take the lead, not you. ALL guys like a challenge, so be one. If he doesn’t come after you, then shrug… move on. Stay busy, somehow it makes a girl more appealing when she always seems to be coming or going. Makes her mysterious to a guy. Don’t tell him everything that’s on your mind. Let him wonder.
    If you always wait for the guy to contact you FIRST, then you know that he wants your attention. And don’t try too hard to keep the texting going… after 10 minutes, politely excuse yourself and stop texting, before he gets bored. He will appreciate it more than you know. He will decide that if he wants more time with you, then he’ll have to ask you to hang out with him which is what you want, isn’t it.

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