Do girls talk with their friends about guys?

Question by fleetwood: Do girls talk with their friends about guys?
What kind of conversations do they have? Do they ask girls if they think the guy is attractive? Also, I’m curious, do girls talk about guys with their moms?

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Answer by Bri the Pilot
YES to all of the above. I dont know what kind of girl you are if you dont at least mention a guy you think is cute!

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  1. haha. yes we do talk about guys to our friends thats like the main subject of every convorsation, almost. haha. basically like: OMG ISN’T HE FRICKEN HOT?! I’D TAP DAT. lmao, thats a joke but we really do talk about guys. and if we’re close to our mom’s like I am, I talk about guys with my mom, get her approval and oppinion. hahahaha. cute question 😛

  2. Yes.
    girls talk to their friends about everything.

    ive never talked to my mom about guys.
    but i know girls that do.

  3. i dont think about da mom but with the friend yes all da time wether it is about them being attractive to how good dey are in bed

  4. WOW girls talk about guys A LOT.

    The attractiveness one is a big topic for some–but personality also plays a big part in conversation.

    Some girls talk about guys with their moms, some don’t. Personally, I don’t, but my sister does. It’s different for everyone.

    Just some extra info:
    It’s not like this for everyone, but for me and my friends, none of us have ever like a guy because he’s “perfect.” Some super preppy or uptight girls end up with “perfect” boyfriends, but most nomal people I know like boys with a couple silly quirks. 😉

  5. Ha yeah girls talk about guys probably as much as guys talk about girls, if not more. And they talk about everything! I’m not exagerrating when I say this either. From what he wore to his expressions towards her, to his friends and family. Also, its always a comparing thing. If you get two or more girls together, they’ll always always compare thier guys, which can go on for a long time. This varies between ages, maturity level, and how long you’ve been with a guy though. I feel like the more expierienced I became, the less I talk about it with others. Young girls, girls with new boyfriends, and overanalyzing women will talk about it far more than someone who has been in a relationship for a while, and the newness has worn off. Bottom line, girls always talk about guys, some more than others.

    I’m eighteen and I have a close relationship with my mom. I tell her everything about the guy im seeing, because we’re close but also because shes been in the same situations and has far more wisdom than I do. I’ll tell her about a guy and get her opinion if he is a good guy or not. Thats just me though, I know some girls who would rather behead themselves than discuss thier guy with thier moms.

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