Do Girls really get mad if a Guy don’t text first?

Question by Leron: Do Girls really get mad if a Guy don’t text first?
My friend that’s a Girl & I (boy) text from morning to night all day everyday & she’s mostly the one to start the conversation, two days she texted me asking what I was doing I responded with: Nothing just watching the game & she never responded, I didn’t from her for 2 days which is weird seeing that we talk everyday & I wanted to hit her up yesterday but I figured since she never called or text me she ain’t wanna talk…. So this morning she texted me saying she was no longer going to text me etc because I never text or call her 1st & yesterday she wanted to see if I was going to text her but I didn’t…. I apologized & said I’ll make a better effort in initiating the conversation 1st, but why does it really matter if start the convo or not?

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Answer by Justin
because you seem like a douche…do you want to screw her? if not then you shouldnt talk to her

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  1. Yeah girls get a sense of security when guys text first….they feel more comfortable and more confident because the guy is actually willing to initiate conversation and that’s what girls like =)

  2. I want to answer, but I have no clue. Send her a smiley. You can have one also, since you also have no clue about this girl just like me. 🙂 Hope you get a good answer from a girl that might have a clue.

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