Do girls like when guys text first?

Question by : Do girls like when guys text first?
So I met this girl at a party a few weeks ago, and we’ve been talking ever since. A lot of it has been via text, and for a good while it was half me, half her starting the conversations. Now lately I am finding that I am starting the conversation a majority of the time. I feel really weird always starting it, but whenever I do it usually ends up being a long conversation, usually spanning the majority of the day. I see her in school and we talk a lot there too, and I am 99.99% sure she likes me. I really like her too, and really like talking to her, I just feel weird texting her first all the time.

Do girls like it when guys take the initiative? At what point are you too forbearing? At one point we didn’t make contact with each other for about 4 days, and I sent her something and that ended up turning into a back and forth until about 2 in the morning. Am I being too creepy?

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Answer by Audrey The Provocative
Whether or not a girl likes when a guy texts first, or if a guy is being to forbearing, depends on the girl in question and her preferences, as all girls do not share the same opinions on the matter.

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  1. It seems like she loves it when you text her since she it usually turns into long conversations that last for the whole day :] Keep texting her!

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