Do girls like when guys text first?

Question by john: Do girls like when guys text first?
Me and this girl have been talking and have got a connection going. I’ve been interested in this girl but it seems like I’m always the first one who has to send the first text each day. I’ll wait sometimes all day and see if she texts me but I end up being the one texting her first but I feel like I’m bothering her. Is this normal?

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Answer by ㅤ
Yes…some girls are more different than others. Some might text first, some might let guys text first. Just don’t be persistent.

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  1. not at all…as long as she always texts back in a time that’s good…say twenty minutes, she may be just as interested as you. young ladies are taught that the guy should make the first move so don’t worry unless she stops texting back or takes hours to text you back. if she texts and you like her replies, she’s still interested. its ok to pursue. just don’t pursue or put energy into anyone wh doesn’t give that excited/I like you energy back

  2. Girls like that but sometimes it would be nice for her to text you first because sometimes that means she has other things to do than talk to you if she is always the one to text after you and some girls think of it as you want them and want you to put all your time in them

  3. girls like it when a guy texts her first. for us, when we text first, we feel like we’re bothering the guy. if she always texts back and doesn’t leave you hanging, just keep texting her first and over time, she probably will start texting you first.

  4. if she is interest on you she will text you first. if she just want a chat then you must text first.. careful with girls nobodys know whats in girls mind or thought?

  5. Let’s see, I am a girl and I almost always love it when guys text first, whether it’s the one I’m interested in or just any of my guy friends (: A lot of the time, I actually prefer it when guys text first. It shows that I’m important to them and that they want to talk to me.

    But you said you’re texting her every day? You don’t have to text her every single day–try not texting a few days. If she’s interested, she’ll want to talk to you and text you [:

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