Do girls like it when guys text them?

Question by Anonymous: Do girls like it when guys text them?
I was just wondering when girls consider it creepy or weird for a guy to text them… A friend of mine said that girls think its creepy to text girls almost always unless youve seen them recently. I was wondering this because alot of the times when i text a girl she doesnt respond and im afraid that alot of girls think im a creep or something for texting them.

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Answer by Kevin Grier
girlss lovee it it makes them feel speciall especially when u use the smileyy 🙂 GIRLS LOVE THE 🙂

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  1. well not tryna be rude- but if she doesn’t answer after the first 2 times .. DO NOT text her again . that’s the most annoying thing ever . lol . but if it’s like a random after like 3 weeks .. go ahead .

  2. Girls like being texted because it makes them feel like someone’s thinking about them 🙂 but it depends what you say in the text:L

  3. If they like the guy, then of course they like it. If it’s a girl you barely know, then yes, it may be considered creepy.

  4. Well it depends… I find it creepy when the same guy KEEPS on txting me everyday but i mean i like when guys txt me. Its fun to talk to them 😉

  5. GIRLS LOVE IT! but dont txt yo! cuz they hate that. txt heyy or hii. yo just makes u sound like ur trying to be cool. but if she doesnt respond… dont txt her for a week or 2

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