Dating Tips for Men

Advice for the Dating Man

The world has gotten weirder over time, there is no denying. With the weirdness and the varying interests of people, there will come the horror stories of first dates, blind dates and even repeat dates. But if you are careful and trust your friends, you can avoid having any horror stories of your own to tell the next time you meet up with your friends. Make the meet ups a mix of genders and expand to more people so that you might get to know someone with a friend in common. Knowing or dating a friend of a friend can work out well to your advantage. And then you can also skip the drama of not knowing anything about them when you venture off to a date.

  • Luckily there are some other strategies that can work well for you when you want to meet new people, expand your horizons a bit but not be scared off by a challenge or weirdness. Men need to follow some dating tips in order to have success too, whether you are heading out to a sports outing or hitting up the local pub for a brew.


4 Dating Tips for Men


1. Women Look for Good Men to Date.

  • Have you heard of the alpha male? Probably, because even though they only make up ten percent of the gender, they get 90% of the available females. Not at one time, but they have better luck simply because of who they are and what women are looking for. They have to work at getting women too, but it comes easier to them or their qualities make them better boyfriend material up front. But don’t fear singleness if you aren’t an alpha male. You too can get the girl of your dreams when you look in the right place, act the right way and say the right things. Once you know what these things are then it will be easier to you as well and you will become part of the crowd that is getting the girls and not looking from the outside in.

2. Women Look for Leaders to Date.

  • A woman is naturally drawn to a leader in the room. It doesn’t have to be a general or a military leader, but one who has a presence that is known.  It can even be a quiet person, but their presence is known when it comes time to make decisions, take the lead or act out in favor of someone. A leader will influence other people’s actions and get things done. A woman likes a man who can get things done, whether it will be around the house or around the office.  A take charge personality is something that turns them on even when they won’t admit it. Do you possess leadership qualities? Practice them or develop them so you garner attention in a room.


3. Feel Free to Get Sexual.

  • Are you always scared to jump the gun or be too forward with a woman at first? But then if you hesitate there will be another guy who takes advantage and comes out with the girl that you wanted. Make sure you keep the energy focused on you and between you so that she is only interested in you. You can subtly be sexual and see how she responds to it. It doesn’t mean you have to be overt or obnoxious in your comments, but plant the seeds that you are interested in her that way and that you are attracted to her. If they know you are attracted, then your chances of a future are that much greater.
  • If she wants to be alone with you, then you have caught her interest and have won in the game against the other males who might have been trying to win her attention.


4. Be a Social Butterfly and Meet Lots of People.


  • The world is full of different people who like to do different activities. Maybe there is one out there you haven’t tried yet either and would love to do with a new friend. Take every opportunity you have and give yourself a fun lifestyle. Even if your intent is to find a mate, make sure you have fun and enjoy the journey to getting there. Once you find the right person, you will be able to offer them a lot of experiences and see what interests you have in common. The more things you like to do together the better the chances are that you can remain together long term and through ups and downs. Don’t limit yourself to one activity or location to meet a person because it might never happen. Broaden your horizons and see where it lands you.

Girls like to have a man with varied interests. They like to have someone who is knowledgeable on all fronts and appears to have status. Make sure you have that knowledge and status simply by enjoying all that life has to offer.

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