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Dating is a field where most men, even those who are extremely confident can easily fail. When going out with friends, we are always very confident and tend to be ourselves. Because of our natural behavior and conversational pattern, our evening with friends is usually fun filled and exciting. But when it comes to hanging out with a woman, even the most confident man can lose his confidence, resulting in a very unoriginal behavior and unwanted and boring conversation. The ultimate results are losing the woman you like so much.

Small-Talk-TacticsTired of Saying regular & boring stuff?

  • Have you ever come across such an event where you completely lost your self confidence and all you could say was the regular and boring stuff? Have you ever regretted an evening with a fine lady which turned into a mess just because you did not have anything interesting to say at all? If conversation and confidence loss is your main issue when it comes to hanging out with women, then you need help, you need the help of Conversation Escalation by Bobby Rio.

Business yes… Women… No!

  • I am a business developer at a very well reputed company. My job has me talking to executives and giving out presentations to hundreds of people. During these presentations and discussions, I can easily find confidence to say the right stuff that gets the job done. But when I am in front of a gorgeous woman, I instantly lose this confidence boost and usually have nothing to say. When this happened to me the first time, I was completely shocked at my personality change. I could handle hundreds of people and impress them with my interpersonal skills, but in front of a woman, just a woman, I couldn’t do anything at all to impress her. I am amazed because I am usually told by my friends that I am a charming guy, I got the right humor and looks to score an easy date, but when it comes to practice, I am nothing but a common and un-confident guy.
  • After going through this event, I sat down and discussed it with my friends. Some of them suggested that I read articles on the internet that help men like me get better when it comes to talking with women. Upon searching and reading many articles, I came across this Conversation Escalation software by Bobby Rio. After reading the concept that is explained by the dating expert himself, I was instantly convinced that I had to try it out. So I didn’t wait and ordered my copy of the Conversation Escalation.

I understand how to talk now!

  • After going through the complete program, I now see myself at whole new level. The reason is simple, Conversation Escalation didn’t teach me how to talk, it made me understand how to naturally talk and keep the conversation going. This program has helped in several aspects of my personality, bringing and nurturing it to the point until all insecurities simply vanished.
  • So what does the program do? It’s simple; it is designed to make you go through important parts of conversation. It helps you understand the basics of conversation so you can start talking naturally instead of making things up. As far as dating goes, Conversation Escalation has a dedicated section which gives you many tips and techniques to use when you are with a woman. It teaches you the basics of talking with a woman and then takes you through a journey that makes your tongue polished and ready to say the right stuff at the right moment. You almost instantly learn and start speaking stuff that interests women.

What does she WANT to hear?

  • Conversation Escalation helped me understand what a woman wants to hear. It helps you understand the kind of stories you must speak so that women don’t lose interest in you. The program also helps you understand when to make the big move, and with the help of it, you can easily start talking intimate stuff without scaring the woman away, in fact they will want you to talk to them intimately.

conversation1The Language women speak…

  • But that’s not all what Conversation Escalation teaches you. It also helps you understand the language women speak. You may have already read it a million times around the internet that women have a secret language of their own. They pass on clues in words and their actions. In order to keep a woman interested, it is crucial that you learn these clues and signals, and that’s what Conversation Escalation helps you master.

After using the software and learning all the secrets about the clue and sign language, I could almost instantly understand what a woman wanted from me. Now that I have mastered the art of smooth conversation, I can almost instantly get any girl to take interest in me. I know that is also possible if you are really good looking, but what if you are not? Your ultimate weapon in that kind of situation is your personality and conversational skills, in fact a lot of women tell me that they dig guys with great personality and humor over a guy who looks really good.

It’s about time you stop wondering why women don’t take interest in you and stop waiting for magic to happen. Grab the conversation escalation software and start scoring dates like there is no tomorrow. It will make you feel confident and will get rid of your shyness in front of a woman, no matter how gorgeous she is.

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