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Rules of Text Flirting

Technology has improved so many arenas in the world, it is almost hard to keep track of. And texting is one such arena where improvements have been made with relationships and how people interact with each other. How people flirt has also changed over the decades and with all of the technology at their fingertips.

  • Texting is now an accepted practice between couples who have been together for years even. No matter how long you have been a flirt, doing so via the SMS messaging is a way to learn and adapt to for the future. It is important to learn how to do if you want to get to talk to girls and keep them interested too.
  • Some things are also easier to say over the phone rather than face to face, at least in the beginning stages of a relationship.
  • The ways in which you can flirt with a girl are varied too. There are emoticons that can be sent, cute jokes, funny pictures or even a question that will get you a little insight as to the girl behind the texts. The emoticons and pictures can express your mood without you ever having to say a thing.
  • Be careful with sending a joke or a picture so that you don’t offend her. You want to be funny, not crude or rude in the content of the message. Use caution when you are in doubt of what to send in the beginning.
  • If you are shy or lack a little confidence, texting over the phone can be a great way to start out. You might become so adept at it that taking over and doing it in person become second nature. It also allows you to be yourself when no one is looking and watching. Maybe the texter in you is a natural flirt and didn’t even know it. So be honest in your feelings and be cool at the same time.
  • Flirt sent through texts can include questions on what they are wearing or doing or by sharing something you are doing. Some won’t think it is flirting, but before you know it the conversation has moved on to racier topics and the relationship is progressing well, without any effort on your part. If it doesn’t work on this girl, save it for the future and use on another one.

Always hint about the future and doing things together in the future. Plant the seed and see where it takes you to planning an event together. You never know how much you can get out of a simple text flirt.

Text Flirting 101

Of course there are going to be unwritten rules when it comes to contacting a girl! There are some rules to follow when you are texting a girl and trying to get your flirt on so you don’t offend her or get her to ignore your messages when they come in.

The first rule is to not be desperate. No one wants a cling on, no matter how handsome or smart they are otherwise. Keep the texts limited in the beginning so you are edgy and interesting.


Play it cool! Keep your messages far enough apart so you don’t look like she is the only one you are texting, even if you are. You don’t want to appear desperate and clingy, so keep the messages to her sporadic. Even if you think this is the girl you will marry, don’t fill up her inbox with texts that declare those sentiments. Play it cool and bide the time so that you can eventually tell her that. Waaaay down the road.


Don’t overstep your bounds. It can become easy to overstep your limits and be too forward since you aren’t looking at someone. Don’t say something that is too suggestive too soon or else it could land you in the ignore box. Play it cool and send an emoticon when you are in doubt.


Emoticons are a fast and easy way to flirt. It is also cute, when not overdone. An emoticon on occasion let’s her know you are thinking of her and that you can be fun without having to be the class clown. Don’t send too many all of the time, just like a text, because they could become boring when used incorrectly.

Converse lightly, with an occasional emoticon or joke and you are setting the interest level too high for a future relationship.

Secrets of Text Flirting

Since you want to start flirting with a girl and get a relationship going, let’s learn how. There is a wrong way and the right way to do it, so make sure you take good notes on the right way!

  • Ease in to the situation with laughter. Make her laugh or smile with a joke, a cute picture or some funny quip about your own day. Make yourself relatable and fun, no matter which method you choose to do. Laughter will get the ball rolling fast and ease you in to more meatier topics that can be discussed later on.
  • Texting is a casual way to let someone know you are interested without pressing your luck too much. A text is a casual way to keep in contact without being too needy,  like showing up on their doorstep. Emoticons are also a great way to show interest because they make the point for you. A smile will alert her to the fact you are smiling today too. Maybe she will interpret the smile as that she put it on your face.
  • Even if you suffer from a lack of confidence it doesn’t have to show through a text. You can be confident with your texting because you know what to say and how often. Be confident in your words and then it will start to carry through in your actions and how you hold yourself. And then the girl will only think of you as a confident person and be attracted to you. Be bold through a text because it can help you to be bold in person, for the next time when you will see her again.

But no matter how much fun you plan to have, make it balanced. You can’t always be the jokester, the class clown or the practical joker because it would show her you don’t have a serious side. Keep a balance between texts that are funny and cute but also ones that ask questions and try to get to know her. And if you have a problem asking questions sitting across from a dinner table, ask them through the text and get them out of the way first. Then it will make the face to face easier and you can be relaxed and how more fun in the meantime.

Using the Text to Flirt

Texting is the key to flirting of the future. Both guys and girls have started texting with their cell phones and used it in a relationship. And since it is convenient, cheap and a way to keep in contact without being clingy, it works well for many people. For guys who need and want to improve in how they communicate, texting is the way to do it.

Make the Texts to the Point and Fun

  • These text messages aren’t the only way to set up a relationship, so when you keep that in the back of your mind you can work towards larger success. Little jokes and questions through the relationship can be things you discuss further in person, but as a text they are just thrown out as tidbits to keep momentum and interest levels up. Sharing jokes, sending little flirts and being interesting will do a lot towards promoting yourself as a good partner. And if you get anything funny that isn’t offensive from your buddies, feel free to show it off to the girl. She might like it and get a laugh out of it herself.
  • Keep the texts happening at regular intervals, but don’t bombard with texts. Casual makes you interesting. Over texting makes you a stalker who is pathetic or needy. Keep your distance with sending texts but be available to reply if you receive one. Ask how her morning is going occasionally but not every single day. Asking too many questions can also be weird in the beginning, so pace yourself and ask every so often when you haven’t heard from her in a while.

The Emoticons Cap It

  • Girls like to see emoticons on a text like they liked smiley faces and hearts on a paper message passed to them in the old days. Include a smiley face or a heart or a flower, but not after each sentence. Too many goes back to making you look desperate. Once in a while makes you fun and interesting and shows you have a softer side.

Be careful with the emoticons that you choose to use. Don’t do the heart one all of the time as it could scare her away. Use the smiles and the laughter to promote your fun and exciting personality. You are trying to win her over and not scare her away with too deep of emotions too soon.

3 Sweet Tips for Text Flirting

Just as with everything else you do in life, there are tips on how to do it better. Girls will respond via a text when it is done in the right way or sent at the right time. Every guy needs to learn when these times are and how to send appropriate texts if he wants to catch the interest of the girl. It might be surprising at what the positive response can be when the technique is mastered, even.  There are all types of text messages that can be sent out to flirt, but it is best to start at the beginning. Sending short messages such as “Hey there”, will let her know you are still interested.

 Be Cool

  • There is nothing worse than a person who gushes all over everything, and the texts are included in that. Don’t go overboard and jam up her box with stupid and pointless texts. That will only prove you are unsophisticated, desperate and need some limits with your text fingers. The limits include how often to text and what to send. You want to appear assertive and funny, so send a joke or a short text every so often. Don’t keep sending texts and appear pathetic or needy or else you will never get a reply. A joke every so often will keep her interested, happy and eager for the next time you send her something.

Put Your Emoticon Into It

  •  When you don’t know exactly what to say or want to keep it light and fun, a smiley face will do the trick nicely. The emoticons can capture a smile from them just by hitting a button and then the send button. The emoticons will also reveal your personality and that you are fun. Being happy will prove to them that you are fun and someone they might want to be with more often in the future.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask

  • It is appropriate to ask questions to a girl you are interested in. It is a way to move the relationship forward when done slowly. Don’t ask 20 questions in one message, but spread them out. It is OK to ask what her hobbies are, what she likes to eat, where she goes to relax. This information will also give you tools to use in the future when you are planting seeds for activities or what to do in the future. And since girls like to talk about themselves, it sets the stage for interaction. It is important to ask questions even, to make them feel important and to interact with you.

Cute Texts

Sending a Girl Cute Texts

  • Imagine a situation here. You have a smartphone with an interested girl on the other end. You’ve been texting and interacting at a high level so far. How do you ramp up the texts so that she knows you are interested in going to the next level? How can you keep her interested with the positive momentum? It might be a situation that gets you stumped as to how to proceed.
  • Do you send a cute text to pull her back in or are you out for attention grabbing? What is proper for someone you just met?  How do you even know what a cute text is!? There are a lot of different ways to proceed, as long as you know how.

Following are some tips on what to send:

1. Send a funny joke.

  • A joke will set the pace where you send a text and wait for a response so that you can send a short quip back to her. These are meant to be short and flirty messages and not long, drawn out discussions over something. The shortness of the joke allows for interaction, a way to make her keep thinking of you and keep the energy of the relationship moving forward.
  • The goal is to always move forward in a relationship and a short and funny joke will allow you to do just that. There won’t be an awkward lull if you have a funny joke in your back pocket – or draft box – to send along.


2. Send Clean Pictures

  •  Some tactics with texting can be used over again and will remain relevant. One new way to keep in touch is to send out pictures. This is a new method just gaining steam as more and more people have smartphones with graphic capabilities. Take a picture of something nice near you – scenery, the setting at work, a clean room in your apartment, whatever. Make it be something interesting that could be a sparker for conversation and keep the interest level high. Some examples could be what you are cooking, wearing, seeing in person or where you are working out.  And taking a picture is much easier than having to draw something out by hand!


3. Take Advantage of Notepad


  • This isn’t text messaging, but it is technology that can advance your relationship. Since most guys have no clue on what to talk about in the beginning, let alone know how to compete over loud noise, then the notepad will do quite nicely. In a club where the beat is thumping, instead of yelling, do something smarter. And more sophisticated. And something she might consider totally sexy. Take out your smartphone and explain the Notepad app to her. Take notes with it and use it as a way to start a conversation or at least one later when it isn’t so loud. If she has a smartphone then you can even converse back and forth, flirt or trade contact details if you don’t already have them. This trick might get you faster results than you could have ever imagined because it makes you look smart, fun and truly interested in them. But keep it cool and don’t resort to childish emoticons when you can’t find something to say. Be clever and witty and you will have all kinds of interest shown in you.  They will respond accordingly.


4. Plant the seed for future events.


  • If you are making the effort to get someone’s phone number, there is a reasoning behind it. You wanted their number for a reason and that was to get to know them better and see if there was a possible relationship in the future with them. Therefore, when something interesting pops up, make mention of it in a text. Throw the seed out there and mention it would be something fun the two of you can do. If there is a positive response, then your seed was planted well. If there is no response, then it might be time to go to plan B and find something else interesting that might be more fun. Or you can simply move on to another girl that would find the event fun and interesting. Planting the seed will help you determine which girl will want to be the one you pick to attend with you and possible start conversation going ahead of time. And the conversation will keep the relationship progressing before the event even gets there.


5. Use Role play to Your Advantage.

  • Exaggeration is one of the key elements to humor. When you are texting a girl, make fun of the situation by exaggerating it extensively to get a laugh or two out of them. Create a fantasy situation where you know it will get at least a chuckle out of them. When she plays along with the role, then you are interacting and moving the relationship along in a fun way.
  • Experiment to see what situations work best to elicit a response. Use what matches your personality and what you think their personality would respond to. Practice will make this situation perfect, so try and try again with different women if it doesn’t work with the first one.

Use the cute texts or jokes as a starting point if you need to and exaggerate on those.

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