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Sarah Hyland

Not sure if you guys are sure of Modern Family, but I sure am. That show cracks me up, not to mention the hottie Sarah Hyland. Well I decided why do we need have a Sarah Hyland video or picture gallery on the site? So here ya go.

Quick info about her.

Age – 22
She was born in NYC and has been acting since she was five. She currently plays the role of Haley Dunphy  on Modern Family.

I also remember her being in a macaroni grill commercial… or was it an olive garden???

More details check out


Zooey Deschanel Hot

I have always been a huge fan of Zooey Deschanel. The first time I ever saw her was in Almost Famous which is a great movie which you should see.

She now stars in the New Girl which is a great show! It has mean cracking up. I have not got a chance to watch it this year, but have them all DVR’d.

So who is Zooey Deschanel dating? Is Zooey Deschanel married? I dunno and I have not really done my research. All I know is she is beautiful and those eyes can stop any man in her tracks! She actually has a great voice too and she makes me happy when I see her in the cotton commercials, but not happier then when looking at the Zooey Deschanel pictures below.

Enjoy the Zooey Deschanel Pictures and Video.


Paintball Girls – Some Hotties of Paintball

Who says hot girls can’t play paintball? Not me. I never said that, in fact if you can find a chick willing to go out and play paintball with you… then my friend you might have a keeper. Imagine splatting one of these paintball hotties out on the speedball field.

So what do you think? Paintball? Could be good idea for a first date or a good Text Message opener huh?

Hey wanna go to a paintball field?
I would shoot you up so fast!



Alexandra Daddario

Hey sorry we missed last week… had a bit of a hurricane and still catching up!

Alexandra Daddario… wow those blue eyes… that soft skin… this is the girl I want to take home to mom or at least just take home 😉

Born in the 80’s… 86 to be exact. She has been in Annabeth Chase in the 2010 film Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. Daddario was also in The Squid and the Whale, All My Children, The Babysitters, The Attic, The Hottest State, White Collar, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Bereavement.

Well on to the pics and the videos of Alexandra Daddario.

If you could text her one message what would it be? I mean if someone said listen… actually I will give you 3 texts to send to Alexandra Daddario… what are those 3 texts and how would you form them to get her attention and keep it? I am very curious, leave your comments below!


Nicky Whelan

I love the blondes… 😉 Here we have Nicky Whelan. There is just something I love about a girl named Nicky. All I can say is she is bootyfull.

Enjoy the video and pics of Nicky Whelan below…

Danielle Lloyd

Oh man hottie Friday just gets better every week. This week we have Danielle Lloyd. This is someone I had no clue about and have never seen, but wow I will now be watching…. 😉

So Danielle Lloyd she is an 80’s born girl and she was a former Miss England (2004) and Miss Great Britain (2006), but alas posed nude and was stripped of those crowns. Sorry…., but thanks! If you want more of that detailed type info checkout her wiki page here

OK that’s enough bout her, let’s have a look shall we?

Take a look at some Danielle Lloyd pics and video below. Enjoy…

OMG ALERT!!!! – Right after I created this page I found out Danielle Lloyd had her breast implants removed. WTH!! Danielle c’mon girl what are you thinking 😉

Well at least we have these pictures to look at.


Brooklyn Decker

Oh boy do we have a great Friday on our hands. The one and only Brooklyn Decker is part of our gallery this week. I was just watching Just Go With It last week where she stars with Adam Sandler and I didn’t even realize it was her!! That movie was aight! lol… Hey it had Brooklyn Decker and Jennifer Aniston in it right?

Anyways enjoy the Brooklyn Decker Pics and Video.


Lucy Pinder

Wow now if I had her number to text life would be very interesting. Since it is Friday and I am a bit bored I decided I will try and do some sort of Hottie Gallery, so let’s see how this turns out.

This Fridays Hottie Gallery is Lucy Pinder. I have never even heard of this woman before and I stumbled across her pictures. Gorgeous and well shaped to say the least.

A bit about Lucy Pinder

  • She was born December 20 in 1983. An 80’s girl nice! She has been in numerous television shows including the 6th season of Big Brother in the UK. She has also modeled for countless magazines etc…

OK Enough Lucy Pinder Pics & Videos

There are a lot of pics so we made this sweet video for you. Grab a drink and watch it go…

or scroll down for the Lucy Pinder Pics

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