Cant talk to girls in the hallways at school?

Question by Chris Longhorn: Cant talk to girls in the hallways at school?
I’m a sophomore and when I’m in class I can talk to girls easily but I just can’t talk to them In the hallways at school like when they are near their locker? Why am I like this?

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Girls are scary thats why

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  1. I understand what you mean. If you talk to them in class, there’s a smaller audience and it’s normal if you talk to someone in your class. If you go up to them at their locker it’s different since it more bold. You might be afraid of rejection, but if the girls seem like they like you and want to talk then it’s perfectly okay to talk to them at their lockers. However, if they don’t really talk to you in class and you haven’t met them before, then I suggest that you don’t go up to their locker, since it’ll be awkward.

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