Can you tell your crush in a text that your masterbating?

Question by Christian: Can you tell your crush in a text that your masterbating?
I’m a fifthteen year old boy and whenever I text this girl I really like… I tend to masterbate and whenever she asks what I’m doing I just make something up. A lie. Can I just tell her that I’m masterbating. And I’m not a dude that would creep a girl out if I said that to her. I’m pretty built and a soccor player.

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Answer by Sarah
..i wouldn’t but i’m a girl so…i think it’d creep me out, plus you’re really young

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  1. No matter how studly you are you still might freak her out if you tell her. Unless you guys have already established a sexual relationship of some sort I wouldn’t tell her. It might be a little TMI for her. On the other hand if you do have a sexual relationship and/or she’s pretty sexually open then she might be ok with it or even turned on by it.

  2. Yes, you should tell your crush that you are masturbating, I mean, come on, what could go wrong?

    EDIT: Hey mumai12, fück you! Masterbating is normal for his age.

  3. I don’t think you should tell her that oh my word you are 15 years old I know that you have hormones but not a good idea to tell her that she might take it the wrong way just some things you need to keep to yourself.

  4. Um, please don’t tell her, and don’t masterbate. Thats disgusting and if you want to take your relationship further, then don’t.

  5. If you telling her wouldn’t creep her out………I don’t know dude, are you quys having text sex? If not I would either stop materbating or keep lying about it, whichever your concious deals with best.

  6. First, if she is only a crush, then she is NOT your girl and thus you don’t know if you can trust her w/ that kind of info. because of that PLEASE do NOT put that in writing! So…NO text, NO email, NO NO NO! If you two actually become a couple, then you might feel like telling her VERBALLY, at least you will be closer w/ her and you might be better able to discern if you could share that with her. Bad idea to ever put anything like that into writing.

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