Can a girl get obsessed with sex texting?

Question by The PreDestined One: Can a girl get obsessed with sex texting?
I’ve been texting this girl for two months and i text some sexy stuff to her one night and now she wants me to only text nasty stuff to her. I”ve been texting that stuff for almost a month,but i wanna talk about normal things again lol
I told her this already.
What sould i do

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Answer by Matt L
maybe u shud text her normally and if she doesn’t text bak normally ignore the text

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  1. Try having a normal conversation and see where it goes. IF it goes south then you need to make a decision about staying with her or not. Every relationship needs normal communication. Too much dirty talk can be bad, especially at the beginning.

  2. she trying to hint something (she wants some action, she wants to hug your naked body, she want to lick.. “places” give her wa she wants dude!!)

  3. The answer to that depends on want you want out of the relationship with her. If you’re looking for a relationship, ask her specific questions about herself. Women love to talk about themselves and feel closer to the people they share the most with. This makes your job easy, stfu and let her run her mouth. Of course you have to listen and ask the right follow-up questions.

    If you’re just trying to hit I guess you wouldn’t be asking this but when she starts sending those freaky texts make it real for her. Ask her when she’s gonna do all that, or better yet tell her you’re about to come over right then. If you do that every time she starts getting into that you’ll either get some or call her bluff. If she’s bullsh!tting then cut into her and I mean go hard on her. Tell her you’re tired of her playing games. This will either get her to move forward or stop sending the texts. Either way you get what u want

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