Boys talk ALOT about girls too?

Question by cacao54%: Boys talk ALOT about girls too?
teenage girls talk about boys ALL THE TIME
when we get together, girls night out , etc WATEVER it is, theres always conversations about boys, every little details, what he said, his actions, interpretations blahblah
do guys do that too?
i already know guys talk in a more vulgar way, and dirty but..
do they try to analyze a girl’s action, or what she said, what she did
do they talk about these things as well?

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Answer by Liltwix
Yes we do, most don’t talk about it openly, but we do.

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3 thoughts on “Boys talk ALOT about girls too?”

  1. Most of the time when guys are talking, it’s not about girls… at least not with me and my friends. When we do talk about girls, we usually talk about something they did and we try and understand why… which usually turns into a full-scale attempt at trying to figure out women in general. We usually agree that women go off emotion to much and leave it at that.

    So… yeah, you could say that we do try and figure you out, but not all the time.

  2. we talk about girls we think are hot or would “do” but that’s a deep as it goes and it’s not all we talk about I’d say video games and music are more common topics (at least for me)

  3. Whether you believe it or not, guys talk and gossip more than girls all the time. Guys talk about topics ranging from sports and movies to talking about which girls look better than the other, their experiences with girls, trying to get laid, and a whole bunch of other stuff. It’s different when girls talk, and they can let the conversation or topic drop after a certain amount of time.

    Guys, not so much really. They talk about everything you can think of, and it’s usually girls who get the blame for doing the most gossiping. Guys are more comfortable and easy going than most girls are, so it makes them more willing to open about more things, enabling them more than enough to talk about everything from their hookups to what they like the most in girls. Anything, you name it.

    I know that because I have a lot of guy friends and also lived with guy roommates, and being “one of the guys” sometimes helps to understand what guys really think about and want to say. They have a lot of opinions and thoughts.

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