Boys: how often do you text the girl you like?

Question by Sara: Boys: how often do you text the girl you like?
Hypothetically, you like a girl, and she is enthusiastic about talking to you and always responds. How often do you text her?

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Answer by Constant K
at least once everyday. that is the minumum
i keep texting until my parents take away my phone, it dies, or either of us get destracted by something else.

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5 thoughts on “Boys: how often do you text the girl you like?”

  1. well, if I really like her id text her RIGHT after she replies until she. gets tired of texting or something. lol

  2. If a girl I liked was enthusiastic about texting me and always responded I would text her all the time.

    Unfortunately the girl I like is not enthusiastic about talking to me and doesn’t always respond, also we never have fun chats through text(like personal stuff, getting to know eachother). I usually wait a few hours before responding.

  3. Honestly: As soon as I can think of an excuse to text her, whether that involve asking a silly question or not. If I didn’t like the girl and I needed an answer for a group project, I would either Email or wait until the next day to ask.

    BTW: I am a pretty reserved guy.


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