Bobby Rio

Bobby RioI have known Bobby Rio for a very long time and it is because of him I got into this and started this site. I wanted to put out some info about Bobby for others to know…

The Enigma Of Bobby Rio

  • Bobby Rio is considered to be a brilliant guru by many. Having gone through significant romantic hurdles in his personal life, you just know that he knows what he is talking about. He has made it his calling in life to help out men like the guy he used to be and enough said; he is great at it. He uses his own innovation ideas and methods that have helped thousands of unlucky guys better their game.
  • He has been able to identify the loop holes in relationships, flirting, friendships, and hook ups. He teaches guys how to exploit these gaps and make the most of them. He helps them to regain their confidence and go after women they desire but are terrified like hell to ask out or be in a relationship with.

Bobby Rios’ Past Relationships

  • He himself had a tough time in college when he was trapped with a pathetic girlfriend. He had himself tied up in serious mental hurdles because of his lack of skills and self esteem. It took him virtually years to sort it out and to figure out the dynamics of dating and what attraction and dating is all about. When he finally got around to understanding the intricacies, his life changed drastically.

Student Becomes Teacher

  • He wants to teach people that their lives can change just as magically for the better. And he has put out a lot of material in the form of websites, a magazine and e-books to sell the concept of romantic bliss to lots of troubled guys out there. The concept proved to be immensely popular as every guy has to face these kinds of problems. And Bobby Rio is the easy way out.
  • Mr. Rio has made a full time career out of the art of picking up chicks successfully and making attraction last. It might seem to be a very complicated process for many but he makes it easy, efficient and repeatable. His tactics are proven and truly effective shown by the vast number of positive reviews his publications receive on the internet.

On various blogs he admits to being addicted to sex and hooking up except he doesn’t see it as a potential problem. He outlines the beauty of being answerable to no one and being able to go after any woman you want and actually getting her to desire you. Lots of guys would actually find this inspirational.

He is a professional coach on ways of dating and women and has mastered the understanding of what girls are after and how you can suddenly begin to be the answer to that. Many of his publications such as Magnetic Messaging, Secrets Of Sexualized Flirting and The Social training Lab are widely read and recommended for the quick results they show if followed.

He is all about helping other people take control of their dwindling sex lives. He loves to come up with new theories all the time and his progress can be followed closely on Facebook and Twitter for all those who are crazy about his work.


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