Best way to start a sexting conversation?

Question by Dan: Best way to start a sexting conversation?
My girlfriend likes to sext she recently told me its kinda new to me. What is a good way to start the conversation out? Or for girls how would you like it to start? I don’t want to just be right into it out of the blue and catch her off guard by a sext text.

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Answer by Leon
No just no. Don’t do it .__.;

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  1. My cock is so hard right now, just thinking about you rubbing your hand on your clit makes it want to bust out of my pants like a turd rocket.

  2. timing is everything. make sure she isnt doing anything when you want to engage. also make sure she isn’t stressed.

    i like to put myself in the situation. tell her what u would want to do if you were with her right now.

  3. Start a normal conversation. Ask where she is and what she is doing right now. Then after a while start with “imagine my hand…” Fill in the blanks and enjoy it;)

  4. i’ve done it before, an d it started kinda natural
    i had just seen my boyfriend the day before and i wanted to let him know once again he did a very good job
    and i texted: “damn you f*cked me so hard yesterday, it still tingles
    and he just got along with it, i guess he liked that text and he used to turn entire different text conversations into something sexy (actually: you only need a dirty mind to turn ANY random text conversation into sexting)

    For example:

    me: – what r u doing?
    – i’m sunbathing
    – oh! make sure u dont burn your skin
    – yes wanna come over to rub sunblock on my d*ck?
    He also used to take me by surprise. I was in the supermarket and i receive this text: “im so horny right now”

    another example:
    me: – i need to find a job
    – i can give you a job
    – oh really? what job?
    – guess
    – how many letters?
    – 7
    – is there a j inside?
    – yes
    (this goes on)
    – a blowjob!

    I think once you two are used to it, you can just talk so openly to each other about your sexual feelings and it doesnt matter if its in a text Then you just know he/she is thinking/fantasising about you and that’s just nice to know

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