Best Tips for Texting the Girl You Like

There are ways to becoming a master of texting. There are a lot of different ways to flirt using the phone technology and it will take some getting used to, so don’t feel bad if you don’t feel like a master overnight. Here are some ways to practice your flirting techniques over technology.

Practice on IM

  • Use a few different methods to talk to girls. When you have experience on several of them, then the art of conversing with them becomes that much easier. SMS texts are faster too, so thinking on your toes will become part of the process and you will quickly become a master of communicating with the opposite sex.

Keep the Conversation Flowing

  • Keeping the texts flowing is good. Not only does it get you practice, but it keeps the communication open. Use only smart texts that have a point, but make sure to send the on occasion to keep things moving and forward instead of awkward. A picture or an emoticon will always lighten the mood, too.

Make Sure to Flirt

  • Flirting can be done by sending an emoticon, a funny picture from your files, a picture you pulled off the Internet or even a joke someone told you at work. If you can’t find a funny and appropriate emoticon, those can be searched over the Internet as well so you can come up with a holiday themed one or a funny one. Use as many ways you can think of to flirt and you will remain in the girl’s mind over someone else.

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