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3 Weird Ways Girls Test a Guy to See How “Desperate” or “Needy” He Acts (Do THIS instead)

By Bobby Rio
Co-creator of: The Scrambler

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In the article below, we wanted to discuss one of the most critical elements to seducing that one girl you really want- your emotions.

Unfortunately, most guys emotions DO NOT act in their best interest when it comes to getting a girl (especially when you really like her.)

You’re emotions cause all kinds of mischief like making you act insecure, needy, clingy, and predictable… All things that MURDER attraction.

The reality is that when these “emotions” take over… its like it disengages your logical brain. And you start doing all the things you know you SHOULD NOT be doing…

Signs You’re Acting “Needy”

– feeling a compulsion to call or text her

– Unable to “play it cool”

– blurting out your feelings too soon

– making yourself too available

– showing noticeable jealousy when she mentions other guys

– showing too much disappointment when she can’t hang out

Here’s the worse part….

She is going to TEST YOU to see how “needy” she can make you… (she does this subconsciously of course)… Its her way of screening out weak guys… ==>this video explains how to handle her tests

She’ll cancel plans and pay close attention to how you react…

She’ll “forget” to text you back to see how you handle it…

She’ll challenge you on stuff to see how quickly you back down…

Here’s a very simple example of a “test”… If you’re listening to a certain type of music that you like she might say “Do you like that?” in a tone that expresses that she definitely doesn’t.

How do you respond? Do you lie and say “not really”? Or “It’s ok”

If so, you’re TRYING HARDER. And the pendulum of power is tipped in her favor.

– And she doesn’t want that. She would much rather you look at her and say “yea, this song kicks ass.”

No girl wants a guy who won’t defend himself. Even against her.

Here’s the good news: You can correct this imbalance, and rather easily when you know exactly what to do.

You see, on the very next page we’re going to unveil to you 4 somewhat odd, but extremely effective strategies you can begin to using today that will ultimately put YOU in the POSITION of POWER (and eliminate your needy behavior).

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what is the best thing to talk about when texting a girl?

Question by blank page: what is the best thing to talk about when texting a girl?
im a boy and i want to talk to these girls more when im texting but i have no idea what to talk about so i won’t mess up and say something stupid

Best answer:

Answer by The Pro
just think of storys and just try to switch it so the other peson has to think of what to say for example if they tell you a funny thing just say haha and then they will keep thinking of things to say…also i learned that its alot easier to talk to the girls you truely like

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Q&A: Tips for texting a girl?

Question by tbrad2723: Tips for texting a girl?
im texting a girl that likes me, any tips?

Best answer:

Answer by Rolexxer
depends what shes saying, and if you like her back.

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Was this weird or good to text a girl after a first date?

Question by SCTrojan: Was this weird or good to text a girl after a first date?
I wasn’t totally sure how she felt after the first date but I really liked this girl who I took out last night. She has great values and is a strong Christian which I love. I sent her a text the day after/just right now that says:

“Hey, i had a great time last night and i think you are really special”

Was that a good thing to say or would you be weirded out?

Best answer:

Answer by hidden honesty.
aww that text is well sweet 🙂 i’d be chuffed

Add your own answer in the comments!

Q&A: Why do girls like texting so much?

Question by radrizzle: Why do girls like texting so much?
I understand that texting people is fun, and if you need to tell them something its ok. But i feel if you like somebody texting them all the time is pointless cuz when you actually see eachother you don’t know what to talk about cuz you said everything over text

Best answer:

Answer by wild at heart, caged.
I haven’t text anyone but my parents in over a year.

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Q&A: How can I talk to girls more?

Question by : How can I talk to girls more?
Hey guys,

In school i’m normally in a group with ”popular” boys and girls in my year. The boys are pretty easy to talk to because we just muck about but when the girls come i kinda get speechless. I don’t know what to say to them because i’m afraid i might embarrass myself. I try to urge myself to say jokes but again, im afraid i might embarrass myself an no one laughs.
There are some girls that i talk to occasionally and some that i’m pretty good friends with and i talk in school, but after school when i go on facebook or something i dont really know what to say to the girls. I really want to talk more with girls because most of them look kinda nice and the boys are boring sometimes 😛

Can someone help me interact more with girls and make good jokes to them? Thanks guys it would help me a lot!

Best answer:

Answer by Curly-Girl<3
Well, my friend always told be that when your trying to talk to the opposite sex or someone you really like, try to pretend like you already know them! Chances are their nervous to talk to you too, but probaably just push it aside and dont show it as much. Man up 🙂 Get the confidence from down deep, i know its there! And use it
Sorry if this doesnt help much :/ but just be comfortable with yourself and you can be comfortabel with everyone else 🙂

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Sweet Valentines Day Text Messages For A Girl You Like?

Question by George: Sweet Valentines Day Text Messages For A Girl You Like?
Looking for flirty and sweet valentines day texts for her.
There’s a girl I’ve liked for a while and I want to “make a move.”
How do you proceed? Do you know of any funny valentines text messages for a girl you like?


Best answer:

Answer by John
Hi George,
I’m going to share with you my go-to valentines day
text message for her.

Show her that you like her – it’s better than telling her
you like her. A good valentine’s day gift to a girl you
like would be the gift of spending time with you.

For example, send her something like:

“I need a cute girl to go on a valentine’s date with..
know any? 😉 ”

It’s playful, teases her, and suggests you like her –
and most importantly, you make it happen by setting up
a get-together.

Try it out, best of luck!

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Q&A: Should I text this girl I like every day?

Question by Drew Stegman: Should I text this girl I like every day?
So me and this girl have been texting for about a week, and I usually have to text her first, but she is definitely interested, because she always responds to my texts very quickly and she always sends me 🙂 and <3. We have pretty interesting conversations, but im afraid that if I text her to often that she will think I'm desperate? Should I text her everyday or not? Best answer:

Answer by The H-Bomb
Welllllll talking to her in real life is indefinitely better. Don’t text her if you don’t really have anything to say.

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How can I talk to more girls?

Question by : How can I talk to more girls?
hi,….i’m 15 and im in the youth group at my church and we activities (like swimming) and when we have girls come…I’m always scared to talk to them…lol.

i’ve never been very good at talking to girls…i’m kinda shy but I want them to feel welcome when they come to our church.

how can I talk to girls? what should I say after “hi”? should I offer my hand? what are some things to talk about? is it okay to say a compliment like “you look nice today?”

any other advice?


Best answer:

Answer by ellyn3939
If they’re in their swimsuit, i don’t think you should say “you look nice today” lol

but just smile at them and ask how they are and such…

Maybe a topic will spring up and you have a conversation!

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