Amplify the Attraction Review

Do you find yourself sitting at the bar alone, towards the end of the night after striking out? Well, you might not have exactly struck out with a girl, because you seemed to hit it off and were able to keep a conversation going all night long. But that’s where it started and that’s where it left off. Her friends liked you too. Matter of fact, they all liked you and you couldn’t get that one specific girl away from all of her friends to do a little one on one work. So what’s up with that?

buy-amplify-attractionI was the Funny Man!

  • I used to be in that boat too. I could talk like the best of them and have girls entertained from noon until dawn. But that was just it – girls as in plural. I was the funnyman, the one with the great stories the one they could all talk to. But I didn’t always want to talk – I wanted more. But I struck out. I couldn’t seem to get past the phase of sealing the deal or making her so hot that she wanted to get away from the comfort of her friends.
  • And don’t let them lie to you, that is what it is all about. They might be all comfortable with their girlfriends clustered around, drinking and having a great time while you sit alone and struggle with your confidence. Do they like you? How much do they like you? Do they like you enough that you will be able to get them off in to a dark corner or even more and have more intimate conversations? Don’t laugh, it IS possible. I know this because I have gone from being the zero alone at the end of the night to having girls in the dark corner and begging to come home with me.  Here’s how I changed my approach.

How I Changed My Approach

  • I bought in to a program. Yes, groan all you want but this is going to take a little bit of work on your part. Remember, no pain no gain? The same is true when it comes to girls. You have to work a little in order to enjoy the rewards of the opposite sex. The Amplify the Attraction CD set will give you tips and pointers on how to get the girl you want begging you for more. Exactly more of what is all up to you.
  • The program set is meant for people who have a little bit of skill in the girl department. If you are already a pro at picking them up in a location and capturing their attention, the program might be above your skills. But there could always be a pointer contained in them that you weren’t aware of.

Get Her doing the Work!

  • Now, for the very few rest of us that didn’t have pick up skills. Get this system. You will want to listen and take notes. Really listen to what Bobby is saying. Do you want to generate a lot more heat with a girl? You can do so without seeming to apply any work and she will do it all for you. Her responses will stagger you and wonder why you waited so long to try and learn about attracting women.

buy-amplify-attraction2Are you dying to get the hot girl hot for you now? Don’t wait. Get the Amplify the Attraction  system and you can follow the instructional part and then go right out and try it in the practice area. Can you be successful your first time out the gate? The second? See how fast you become confident and with a hot girl on your arm…the results might even surprise you.


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