Advice with texting girl I like..?

Question by enzodanny: Advice with texting girl I like..?
As lame as it sounds I did start talkin to a girl over facebook whos from a nearby town, although we both go to college in different states, so we haven’t met yet. It’s been a few weeks , and she told me when we first started talking how she got cheated on and was done with this dude & i was there for her a lil but i kept my distance for sure. so we texted a bit and a few nights ago she was hintin that she wanted me to come up and see her and i was cautious that it was just spur of the moment and she’d change her mind but the next morning she messages me on facebook askin when she can see me and saying i owe her a “cuddle sesh” . So my plan is to hang out with her when she comes back in two weeks for her spring break but until then, idk how to go about talkin to her, i dont want to text her everyday and scare her off or anything, i hope some people can relate cuz i want this to go right.

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Answer by Splashing Skies
If shes hinting on a cuddle session, you dont need to worry about scaring her off. Whatever you’re doing is working. Text her every 1-2 days to keep her interested and you need to flirt back now. Tell her she has pretty eyes or you think that she has an attractive personality. If you think she likes you then tell her you like her back, but bringing this up in person would be more beneficial for you. The more flirting and deep conversations you can have in person, the more feelings she will have for you. Dude the apple is ripe here, so get ready to pick it.

So start texting her right now and remember: be confident! Girls will love you if you’re confident about yourself, and if you make them confident about themselves too.

Need more advice, email me. Good luck man!

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  1. It would help if you came across and needy/clingy just make out that you really need her in your life make her feel wanted and special

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