Advice on texting girls?

Question by numbaonestunna: Advice on texting girls?
So this is a bit of a story.

2 weeks ago, me and this girl met at a club. We were both extremely drunk. She came home with me and the rest of the night is history. The next morning we woke up at the same time and we were gonna puzzled/dazed haha but nonetheless she stayed, we talked for a while got to know each other and she eventually said she wanted to sleep for a little longer. So two hours later she wakes up and leaves and I didn’t think anything more would come of it.

Later that day she texted me asking me saying “Heyyy i left my ring at your place can you keep an eye out for it” and that eventually lead to a conversation. We talked for a few days, just getting to know each other, etc.

So this is my problem. I can’t figure her out. She is a weird texter. For about an hour she will seem completely involved with what were talking about and send me like paragraph responses and stuff and other times she will just respond with two words. We have hung out once since then on halloween I went to her cousins house with her to watch a movie but nothing happened physically. Ive also come to notice that she is not very flirty. Also, it seems like I have initiated most of the conversations we’ve had. However, if she falls asleep at night when we are texting, she will text me the next morning or afternoon. I am actually beginning to get a crush on her and I just want to know what I should do to make me more desirable to her. It seems like she is slowly starting to drift away from the texting and stuff. My brother told me to not text her until she texts you first and if she doesn’t, move on.

Any advice?

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Answer by RileyClarke14
Girls are like that, they con be confusing, just dont change your mood, act the same throughout 😉

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