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This is where I am supposed to write up some wonderful information about how I am the master and can reel in a chick in under 5 minutes flat “which I have done ;-)”, but I won’t do that here.

My name is Philip Sierra and I have been in the game for awhile now. No you won’t read about me in the forums or on other blogs. I am just a dude who knows a few things and texting has become my go to tool as of lately so I wanted to start a site that revolved around texting girls. So here it is.

I have put together a lot of tips and tricks about text messaging girls here so have at it. Some sections go over the same topics since they go hand in hand. If you have questions please leave them in the comment areas so everyone can benefit from the answers. If you really need to talk one on one then use the Contact Form

If you spend time on the site and practice this stuff will all come naturally after awhile you just gotta stick with it!

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