3 Sweet Tips for Text Flirting

Just as with everything else you do in life, there are tips on how to do it better. Girls will respond via a text when it is done in the right way or sent at the right time. Every guy needs to learn when these times are and how to send appropriate texts if he wants to catch the interest of the girl. It might be surprising at what the positive response can be when the technique is mastered, even.  There are all types of text messages that can be sent out to flirt, but it is best to start at the beginning. Sending short messages such as “Hey there”, will let her know you are still interested.

 Be Cool

  • There is nothing worse than a person who gushes all over everything, and the texts are included in that. Don’t go overboard and jam up her box with stupid and pointless texts. That will only prove you are unsophisticated, desperate and need some limits with your text fingers. The limits include how often to text and what to send. You want to appear assertive and funny, so send a joke or a short text every so often. Don’t keep sending texts and appear pathetic or needy or else you will never get a reply. A joke every so often will keep her interested, happy and eager for the next time you send her something.

Put Your Emoticon Into It

  •  When you don’t know exactly what to say or want to keep it light and fun, a smiley face will do the trick nicely. The emoticons can capture a smile from them just by hitting a button and then the send button. The emoticons will also reveal your personality and that you are fun. Being happy will prove to them that you are fun and someone they might want to be with more often in the future.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask

  • It is appropriate to ask questions to a girl you are interested in. It is a way to move the relationship forward when done slowly. Don’t ask 20 questions in one message, but spread them out. It is OK to ask what her hobbies are, what she likes to eat, where she goes to relax. This information will also give you tools to use in the future when you are planting seeds for activities or what to do in the future. And since girls like to talk about themselves, it sets the stage for interaction. It is important to ask questions even, to make them feel important and to interact with you.

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