Is She Still Your Friend? 3 Toxic Mistakes You Are Making!

By Bobby Rio & Rob Judge
Co-creators of: Unlock HerLegs - Click Here For A Preview Of The Whole System!

Watch Video Below & Learn The 3 Mistakes You Are Probably Making!

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  1. Arnold
    4 weeks ago

    haha i got fooled by John Cusak movies too. thanks for the video guys.

  2. Tom
    4 weeks ago

    These guys are like mad scientists of the seduction scene, I love video like this. I agree so much about what the Bobby says about sending flower to a girl employer, I did it once and it was so bad for me that I was embarrassed and didn't want to see her again.


  3. BRADY
    4 weeks ago

    THANKS GUY! I got the Unlock course yesterday and am reading about the scrambler, great stuff so far!

  4. Justin
    4 weeks ago

    Haha! Yup, too available fucked me over before I could fuck her all too often back in the day.

    But it taught me a valuable lesson. Women like a man with a purpose, with a passion. Now that I have SOOO much going on, I’m naturally too busy, with higher priorities, and don’t have to pretend!

    Cool shit dudes! Great advice. Learned soooo much from you both :)

  5. Chris
    4 weeks ago

    This video needs to be archived for eternity, so us dudes can come back and watch from time to time to commit these words of wisdom to memory. Superb advice! Right on every level.


  6. Matt
    4 weeks ago

    Wish I had watched this a year ago when I made all of the above mistakes and turned the love of my life into the one that got away.

  7. jesus
    4 weeks ago

    yes no doubt about the girl does not need to know your naked feelings
    or all the love you are feeling for her ‘ i
    instead i enjoy bringing them down theirs pedestal ‘ .
    some how. in a challenging way , .. but that,s my personal op every girl is different .

  8. John
    4 weeks ago

    Another great video. These should be obvious things us guys should know to avoid but we constantly do them. I’m guilty of showing my feelings to soon. Thanks to Bobby and Rob for bring these and many, many other valuable pieces of info to us.

  9. Strenue
    4 weeks ago

    John Cusack. Who is that sad guy? Oh wait, me…thanks guys!


  10. John Donohue
    4 weeks ago

    I have never commented before but this time I will.
    You made a very smart decision to tell us that your video was 10 mins long. THAT IS THE ONLY REASON I WATCHED IT. I will NOT watch videos of indeterminate length. I am too busy and paid way too much an hour to do so. Please tell Josh Pelicur or whatever his name is as this is KEY to getting your content viewed in our instant Internet society. This is my ONLY reason for sending this email, but I’ll continue as these electrons are free.
    I boil your message down to ‘treat ‘em like shit’ (more or less) and my very hot, God’s gift to mankind, Wonderful human being, best person in the world step-daughter could not agree more when I tell my son this lesson of life. I am 60 years old and I’ve been thru the mill and around it. Whether you like my “boiled down” assessment of what works or not is OK by me. MY MESSAGE is don’t bother posting videos that don’t say how long they are: only an idiot will watch them. Hopefully, that is not your target audience.
    I do think it’s OK to send your wife flowers at work, but she better be at least your wife. I never sent flowers to any girl at work, not even my ex-wife, but I have hand delivered them to several including her, always with excellent results ‘cuz, hey, girls like flowers.
    I think that continuing to say how long your videos are will get them watched and congratulations on realizing this fact. – JD

  11. JC
    4 weeks ago

    Wow, wow, wow. Done all of the three. Great info guys. After all these mistake have been done, can this be turned around

  12. Robert
    4 weeks ago

    This was a very useful information,thanks dude, all of your videos really helps me

  13. Lord Julius
    4 weeks ago

    I got a girl coming over right now, when not even two days ago she was like I hate you, I didn’t give her the attention she wanted when she throw a tantrum. Now she’s like I’m sorry I make it up to you and cook you dinner and be the dessert! Winning!!! Great stuff!

  14. Reid
    4 weeks ago

    Now that I think about it I have been making a lot of those mistakes, no wonder things haven’t worked out as I’d hoped lately. Thanks for explaining why it doesn’t work.

  15. Randy
    4 weeks ago

    I have committed all three of these with almost every woman I have wanted. Well needless to say I am still single. Great video. I just didn’t now any better.

  16. Jacob Reehl
    4 weeks ago

    Great info guys! I have a girlfriend but still, it is best not to make these mistakes even if you do. Looking forward to more videos!

  17. Chris
    4 weeks ago

    Thanks guys. This is good stuff. I actually have done the whole flower deal and you guys are correct…it gets you nowhere. Also being too available and all that stuff… I’m actually working on that now. I feel like I need to be more unavailable but it’s a working progress.

  18. Erich
    4 weeks ago

    Right on guys! Definitely making a lot of sense and I’ve made these mistakes for sure, toxic stuff!

  19. El Capitain
    4 weeks ago

    Bobby Rio and Rob Judge: Excellent video. Very informative, and oh so very true!!! I wish I knew this many many years ago….. To be honest many years ago, I made the “mistakes” of stopping by her work and bringing a flower, sending flowers to another’s work, and even picking a bunch in a park, for another…. No, I did NOT sneak into a cemetery and steal them off of a grave. Lol.

    I even did this a 4th time because this one chick from some eastern European country, forgot her name, insisted that she “loves romance”… LMAO. Each one of these broads were different, but all were at least 7′s or 8s (Above average looking). The outcome? Each one of them stopped texting me within 24 hrs. Before the flowers? constantly…… I am a great looking guy, with a ton of confidence, but that one simple action DESTROYED any sexual desire these women had for me.

    Even women whom I had been with sexually.. For example: I decided to have a few drinks and boom, told her my feelings, as I figured she had “earned the right” to know after awhile”… Once again, her, “Chasing the prize” went to “Avoiding at all costs”… immediately after telling her that “Yeah I like you, and you seem like a keeper.”

    I can understand that if you have been with a chick for many years in a long term gig, or a marriage, and it’s her birthday or Valentines day, ok fine.. A girl finding you attractive is not going to happen by you being a pushover and a “nice boy” Take that programming that mama taught you and FORGET it!! Especially if she is “above average” looking.

    ***** FYI : To the poster John Donohue : You should get your facts straight, on what you are talking about. Most of what you said is complete nonsense. I lol when I read your comments. You’re 60, and you still do not understand these concepts? This video should be your reality check toots. Yes I called you toots. I guarantee that if you would have played it cool, and not given your power away to women, they would have still been interested in you… Unless of course, they had the self esteem of a walrus…… Once again, great work to Bobby and Rob.. True facts….

  20. Allen
    4 weeks ago/div>

    Wow! Am I ever guilty of all three can bet that I’ll never be caught screwing up like that ever again. Thanks! Who could have known that these natural considerations could kill all that you had worked for.

  21. mark
    4 weeks ago

    hey bobby and rob,
    enjoyed your video good info I had already pick up this advice from making small talk sexy. that said this is an easy trap to fall back into. well worth hearing again, vitally important for when you find the one that’s “different” from all the others. thanks keep them coming.

  22. Taz
    4 weeks ago

    Very good video u guys, but i have to point out something very important though..

    The “Verbal declaration of feelings” is damn bad for ur success indeed, but u guys said “ur feelings are always cheating u”, that’s not entire true, at least for non neediness feelings.

    U see, emotions are contagious as u may know (there are some reference’s from David Tian and his Desire Program, and Mario Luna in his Apocalipsex’s book), so with that said, if u are feeling lust for a girl, all ur verbal (sometimes…but is much better teasing and banter though) and non verbal comunication should reinforce what are u feeling and then that emotion u re feeling is somehow “transfered” to the other person.

    Being very honest with ur feelings and taking action (being congruent) is extremely attractive for girls.

    I think u guys intended to say that whatever u are feeling that doesn’t help u to scalate with a girl, is a toxic mistake, like feeling she is so hot, or she is the one, or that she is girlfriend material, etc…

    Just a minor aclaration, very good video still, i like how honest and humble Bob is in all of his videos and mails (just a compliment ^^).

  23. Uwe Paschek
    4 weeks ago

    I have to fess up, I have made all three mistakes a few times, but as of today ,its not gonna happen again, I’m learning, thanks Guys, for giving me a different perspective , I feel like I’ve been living in a box of my own creation,Time to beak out, lead the way boys, Ha Ha


  24. Alex
    4 weeks ago

    Yeh the third reason really is the most important! Dont be to available or it seem you just been waiting for her to text etc lol!

  25. Medman
    4 weeks ago

    Guily on all three counts. Wish I knew that when I was with THE one that got away.

  26. Per Diemer
    4 weeks ago

    I agree on most points and I generally love your stuff, but I have to point one thing out. Flowers aren’t always bad. I’ve send flowers to different girl at their work two times with great results, but… we were already dating and there was an occassion – birthdays. They were at that time unsure about my commitment, and those flowers made the right point at the right time. But agreed – I could not have started an affair that way. Flowers for special occasions on the other hand are a good way to consolidate a relationship.

  27. alexander
    4 weeks ago

    Just a quick comment about your video, You guys hit the target! Excellent and under 11 minutes. Keep up the good work and Thanks. Alex.

  28. Martin
    4 weeks ago

    Useful info!

  29. Clayton
    4 weeks ago

    Hollywood Myths:
    1. Flowers at work – from a “secret admirer”.
    2. Spilling your guts on the first date – to invoke compassion.
    3. Being Mr. Dependable – Mr.Desperate & Needy!!
    It’s like Smoking to CURE Lung Cancer!!

    I’m 46 – I’ve got a 33 year old women chasing after me because I’m NOT sitting on her doorstep like a lost puppy.
    Just so you know – I’m hoping to marry her one day – but I can’t give the game away too quickly.
    And yes – she brought home made cookies to my house last week.

    Thanks Brothers

  30. hdbro
    4 weeks ago

    classic information … have done all of these with the results you would imagine!

  31. samuel
    4 weeks ago

    Hey Rio, This is Samuel from New Orleans, I’m commenting because i’m so thankful for the messages, blogs, and videos u get the time to put up on here and that its not a total waste. Haven’t check out your SCRAMBLER just yet but I bet its great. and thanx again!!!

  32. Andy
    4 weeks ago

    Awesome video

  33. Phil
    4 weeks ago

    “The boyfriend card is the trump card you must keep in your back pocket and NEVER USE!!”

    LOL… Priceless!

  34. EngWelaz
    4 weeks ago

    cool stuff buddies….cant wait for more

  35. Darius
    4 weeks ago

    I think if you are in a relationship with a girl then sending her flowers at work will make her melt. At least that’s what’s happened before.

    • anthony almeida
      4 weeks ago

      yep, if you’ve been in a relationship with a girl, slept with her multiple times, and have the upper hand in the relationship she’ll love it. But if SHE has the upperhand and you do this. It won’t go over well.

  36. ben
    3 weeks ago

    what you said it is very true i personaly senn it happen with friends Than you guys your advice is the best

  37. ryan
    3 weeks ago

    1st one a lie i send flowers to my girl at work and we been together for 7 years now and i still get my girl wet so really you guy know fuck all

  38. Bobby Rio
    3 weeks ago

    Guy above me,

    Sending your girlfriend of 7 years flowers is perfectly fine. This video is for guys sending flowers to a girl’s work that they’re barely dating.

  39. Curly's wife
    3 weeks ago

    This has to be one of the most sexist ‘how to’ videos I’ve ever seen

  40. Josh
    3 weeks ago

    I don’t have a huge problem with the first two, but that last one was a real eye opener. You guys are great, and I can’t wait to hear more from you.

  41. Robert
    3 weeks ago

    Just realized now what actually has made my last relationship end so tragically: she managed to rip me away from my ideals!
    Thanks, guys!

  42. reegs
    3 weeks ago

    goddamnit. if i had seen this fucking video like one and a half months earlier i would have been fine. UGHHHHHHHHH. but thanks for the awesome perspective. much love for the great advice.

  43. Tyler
    3 weeks ago

    HAH. Guys… Stop being such weak people. Gender is completely taken out of this. I feel like if a girl came up to me with this kind of attitude, I would reject her for lack of confidence. Likewise, I would expect any girl to reject me if I had this mindset about me… There is no “us VS them” women are people… men are people… Has it ever occurred to you guys that women are just people that want to be talked to like regular people? I mean, i’m no pick up artist, nor do I claim to be; however, I feel like I have at least had some meaningful relationships based on the fact that we understood each other as people and that we broke up because circumstances didn’t allow or that we were just not right for each other. Stop reading so much into people… Just relax and chill out. I’m still single but I feel like it’s probably a better attitude than being desperate and clingy trying to claim justification by making these videos.

  44. zaviere
    3 weeks ago

    the only important fact in this video is not showing your feelings too soon, but that isn’t even 100% because I’ve been in a situation where i met a women and we started dating two after we met and it was one of the best relationships I’ve ever had so not all women are like this but these days 85% are which is sad

  45. Brandan
    3 weeks ago

    I think you’re giving guys the wrong idea about relationships, that it’s a power dynamic that can be thwarted and that you or she can be the one showing up at work with flowers for you or cookies to impress you, etc and that these are “mistakes”. I think one of the main reasons guys don’t get laid is because of videos like this that get inside their heads too much. Maybe you should’ve had some realer advice like, “Be yourself.” Girls like guys who are confident enough to show who they are instead of manufacturing an image to capture beauty. You also shouldn’t be interested in a girl simply for her vagina, nor perpetuate the idea that friendship and sex are isolated components of different types of relationships. Physically intimate and romantic relationships thrive when there is a since of friendship, so your entire philosophy in this video is pathetic. If you really care about someone, you won’t enter their life with ulterior motives. That’s the definition of a creep.

    • Bobby Rio
      3 weeks ago

      @Brandan. “Be yourself” is great- IF you’re already getting the girls you want. If just “being yourself” worked, then all guys would already be with their dream girl.

      This is not about ulterior motives. Its about presenting a more attractive version of yourself. Women wear makeup, dress sexy, because they know it attracts guys. So if we know women are attracted to “playing hard to get”… then you’d be an idiot not to do it.

  46. JG
    3 weeks ago

    Awesome job! very true…thanks for the advice!

  47. The dude
    2 weeks ago

    Let me second what John Donohue said about the length of the video. I won’t bother at all with videos of indeterminate length either. I understand those may have boosted conversions when the first started appearing but I’m sure the top of the bell curve has probably been reached on that front. Anyway, good vid.

  48. jermaine
    2 weeks ago

    this video is alright but all you guys need to grow balls.

  49. Dominic
    2 weeks ago

    hahaha at first I thought this was some kind of ad so didn’t care much but seems it is really helpful vid…

    it points out 3 mistakes 2 of which I did to a girl I liked and ended up very awkward.

    = ) thanks a lot guys !!!

  50. thomas
    2 weeks ago

    Lol they ar right just got to play almost hard to get

  51. Guy
    2 weeks ago

    what a load of crap.
    dress well, be funny.

  52. Yep
    2 weeks ago

    99.9999999% of the time, people aren’t going to consider dating someone they’re not attracted to before getting to know them. It’s not about being confident, or funny, or successful, or clever, or nice, or hard-to-get. It’s about finding people who are (at least mildly) attracted to you, and showing them an attractive personality to go with that initial physical reaction.

  53. Nick
    2 weeks ago

    Damnit – is there anyway to rage back from these three mistake?

    I may or may not have made all three of these (fuck).

  54. John
    2 weeks ago

    Ahaha Oh dear god. You guys are giving terrible advice. What your asking is for men to keep their guard up, so they don’t get hurt. I don’t think this is dating advice for a meaningful relationship. More like advice for getting laid, which gets boooaring. Going to have to let that guard down sometime… Honestly, what’s the worst that can happen? Just a little hurt pride. So you move on and accept yourself. Self actualization is sexier than defense mechanisms.

  55. Jay
    2 weeks ago

    Amazing suggestions! I can’t believe I found myself guilty of all of those “Don’ts”. Thank you for the video; I really enjoyed it!

  56. Chris
    2 weeks ago

    I watched this with 12 girls while studying, all 12 girls said you two are fucking retarded and need to find something new to dedicate your time to. I thought you guys were right at first, showed it to them and they immediately said to not listen to a word either one of you said. JUst letting you know what girls THINK.

    • Bobby Rio
      2 weeks ago

      To the guy above me Chris..

      DUH… of course girls say “that wouldn’t work on me…”

      All girls say “I want a nice guy”… No girl says “I want a player” But take a look at who most attractive girls date. Here’s some advice dude, NEVER rely on girls for dating advice.

  57. honestlee
    2 weeks ago

    the flowers at work thing is great advice as far as your first move or whatever. terrible idea to start with something like that


    if you are midway into a serious relationship with someone youre deeply into who’s deeply into you, doing this without any special occasion, just for the heck of it – iS A GREAT IDEA

  58. Andrew Gilby
    2 weeks ago

    Great video. But here are three toxic mistakes when making a video.
    1. get a better bit rate for compression.
    2. Never have music louder then then a character talking.
    3. choose clothing that doesn’t cause aliasing

  59. Tevez
    2 weeks ago


  60. stan
    3 days ago

    Great video. It all sounds like the Trent’s advise to Mikey in the movie swinger – Don’t be the PG-13 guy that everybody likes. . . . Be the rated R guy. The Rated R guy who we aren’t sure we like at the beginning of the movie but who we find cool at the end of the movie. This is easier said than done.

  61. Anthony
    1 day ago

    Let you know after I watch video!! However, your tips are great!!

  62. Simply answers
    18 hours ago

    Serioulsy.. here is the easiest way to keep your self outta the friend zone guys. Dont take them serious, and simply build your “BICEPS”… seriously.. ever woman likes them… I have had soooo many woman want to sleep with me simply because biceps… But they gotta be big, and well toned arms. Most of the times they don’t even want me to speak… just let them feel my arms and shut up and sleep with them.. Its dumb.. but easy. It wont get you to be their boyfriend, but if you wanna be used for sex…. BICEPS… Im telling you.

  63. Terrence
    9 hours ago

    This is so true. The way I came about it was when I dated a girl I wasn’t that attracted too. So when I started treating all women the same way I was blown away.

  64. Patrick
    59 mins ago