3 Reasons Why You Should use Your Phone

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Typically a man uses his phone for the following three purposes:

  1. To make initial contact after meeting a woman somewhere.
  2. To stay in her mind until he does see her again.
  3. To escalate the relationship with texts to a higher level.


Texting Mistakes to Avoid


There is a right way and a wrong way to text a girl. But before you learn the “right” way, you need to learn what is not the right way and correct it.

Once you know what to avoid, then sending texts to reach your goal will be much easier.

Texting Error #1:

  • Boring messages that have no point.  Some examples include “How you doing?”  or “What’s going on?”  They WILL NOT set you apart from the other guys who are currently talking to the woman you want to talk to.

 Texting Error #2:

  • Sending out too many messages too soon is the second mistake. Texting should be limited in order to get her interest piqued. If you make yourself too available, they will stop looking forward to your messages and move on to someone who does intrigue them.

 Texting Error #3:

  • Trying to converse over the SMS messages. Texting isn’t the way to get to know a girl, but the way to get her interested so you can get to know her in person.


text tips

Other mistakes made when texting women:

  • Appearing needy by messaging back quickly
  • Looking pathetic and trying too hard to get her attention
  • Allowing her to control the conversation and when it ends
  • Not being playful or sexual enough in the messages you do send out


How to Flirt via the Phone

  • Each and every message sent needs to be flirtatious and playful. Every text should alert her to the fact you are fun and have a playful personality.
  • With the first text messages sent, you need to establish you are fun and socialable. Use the texts to present a fun and adventurous lifestyle they would like to be a part of.
  • Use a playful text before jumping in to one on a serious topic, then jump back to flirtatious.
  • Bantering with the girls will leave your interaction in her mind on a high note, especially when you are in control so that she wants more, whether you text her you will talk later or stop replying.
  • Show bits of your personality off in the process so you don’t appear boring or unsocial to her.
  • Don’t ever say you are bored or reply you aren’t doing anything in a text, as it shows you are dull.
  • Always reply with something intriguing and playful so she wants to keep replying and getting more details on your interesting lifestyle.

How to Text With Your Lady

  • Throughout the history of mankind, young men have been trying to find the best way to communicate with young women. Now with the development of texting as a major form of communication there is a need for young men to understand the proper etiquette for communicating with the young woman of your dreams.

What to Talk About When Texting a Girl

  • When you are initiating a conversation in text it is best to start out with a easy conversational tone. Just like a conversation on the phone or in person, you have to establish a relationship in the medium that you are communicating in to have the most meaningful conversation. Talk about school, your friends, what you are up to or anything that you might have in common. Keep in mind that the written word doesn’t always read the way that it sounds in your mind.

Texting a Girl for the First Time

  • Much like the first phone call from years ago, the first time you text is important for whatever relationship is going to happen in the future. It doesn’t really matter if you are just looking for friendship or you have romantic intentions, start by just being yourself. That means being genuine to who you are, and sharing that in text. You only get one chance to make a first impression, so make it a normal one that lets a lady know who they are dealing with.

The Girl I Like Texts Me, What Do I Do Next

  • You text her back, be polite and be as normal as you are capable of. If she has taken the initiative to make contact with you, she must be interested in at least being friends. Answer her questions, be polite, be funny and be yourself. You never know what is going to happen when the heart is involved.

What to Say When Texting A Girl

  • Once again you should really focus on being yourself. Answer any questions honestly, and don’t say anything you might regret later. Your texts can be used by unscrupulous girls to ridicule or make fun of you, so text carefully. If you are sure of the intentions of your texting partner, you should move things toward doing something together, where you can talk and won’t have to text.
text tips

How To Start Texting a Girl

  • First make sure you have their phone number right so that you are texting the right person. To begin with send a text with a simple hey or hello in it. Judge the response to see if you should keep texting. Sometimes people are just really busy and don’t have time to talk. Don’t take it personally, you can text her again now that the lines of communication are open.

When You Are Texting a Girl Too Much

  • If you are unable to complete any other tasks, because you are constantly sending texts, and anxiously waiting for replies from your girl. Texting shouldn’t become a full time occupation for you, and if you are getting calluses on your thumbs you should probably be giving the texting a rest. Try having an actual conversation or perhaps go out on a date so you can leave your phones at home.

When to Stop Texting A Girl

  • If it doesn’t feel good, you should stop. Like many things in life, sometimes there are miscommunications that come up and can cause problems. Some people have different tastes and it’s ok to not want to share them. You should stop texting if you feel like you are not being taken seriously or are being made fun of. If the person you have been texting turns out not to be who you thought they were, it is alright to stop texting a girl.

How To Start Texting A Girl You Like

  • So you have met that special girl, you have her number and you want to impress her with a quick text. You have your choice of how to start texting her, you can just start with a standard hello text or you can find something you have in common and text her a question about that. Be cool when you text, because you are not sure if she is carrying mutual feelings for you as well.

How to Start a Conversation with A Girl

  • starting a conversation with a girl is as simple as starting a conversation with anyone. Find something you know they are interested in and show you have an interest in it. For example, if they are interested in a sports team that you can talk intelligently about that can get the communication flowing. Or perhaps, you know they like a certain genre of movie. That is all it will take to get you going.

What To Say To A Girl

  • Once you have started a conversation and the ice is proverbially broken, use your common sense. Let the girl give you clues as to what you should be saying. If she wants to talk about a particular type of music, talk about that, even if you don’t like it you can still talk about it. This will show your superior intellect and ability to adapt. You don’t actually have to watch her favorite chick flick to know the basic idea. Knowing what to talk about with a girl is the same as knowing what to talk about with anyone else find what interests them and let them expound on it. Everybody likes to be listened to.

How to Text Girls

  • There are some things that you are going to have to know in order to communicate appropriately when texting a girl. First you really have to be up on the latest texting language, if you don’t know that lol means laugh out loud, you had better be ready to learn. There is an entire new language based on texting and when you are texting girls you have to not only understand the meanings of these shortened and abbreviated words, but you should be willing and able to use them as well. Your girl will expect that everyone will be able to communicate with the same acumen and style that they are used to using. Texting girls should be as easy as texting anyone else, in the broad scheme of things. You do not want to text the same thing you would text to your buddy, or to your parents. What to text a girl, will inevitably come from your heart.

What to Say To A Girl You Like

  • Once you have found a girl that you like it will be inevitable that it will lead to having a conversation with the object of your desire. It is very similar to how you should start a conversation. You need to find out what your common ground is. This should be easy because you like her, so there must be some reason for it. Being nervous is quite a natural reaction for anyone who is talking to someone they care about. Don’t get tongue tied; she is just as likely to be nervous as well. Ask her about her family, what she got for Christmas or about her favorite toy when she was little. Once you start asking the right questions you will be able to learn a lot about your special girl. Remember, everybody, no matter how shy they may seem, loves to talk about themselves. Lead them down that path, let them talk, and then impress them with your ability to listen.

Text Flirting – Flirtatious Texts

  • So now you think you are a real ladies man and feel like flirting a little bit. That is alright, because a little flirting never hurt anyone. Make sure that you really know the person well before you engage in sending flirtatious texts. Keeping it simple is the best way to go, texting about the positive attributes they possess. Telling someone something you like about them will give you a real clue as to how they feel about you as well. If you give a flirty complement and they just text thanks, you are in a losing game. However if they text a compliment back then you are in the game.

What To Text A Girl To Make Her Smile

  • Of all of the things that a boy can do in a day, making a girl smile is one of the greatest simple pleasures there is. When it comes to texting, it is just like talking to someone. You have to relay a message that makes them feel good. You can text a short joke, and that will get the smile forming. Even if it isn’t funny, they will appreciate the effort. When they smile thinking of you that can’t be a bad thing. Another great thing when you know someone for a little bit is to text them something you like about them. “You look so pretty when you are thinking.” Or “I love the way your eyes shine when you look at me.” Really anything that lets her know that she is special to you should make her smile. If it doesn’t then you should be finding someone else to send text messages to.

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  1. Hi I am a teenager and I was wondering how to know when to start flirting and how to keep a coversation going with out asking to many questions.

  2. Hi i am yusuf and i just got this beautiful’s girls number for some weeks now.
    so far so good i’ve been texting her but she only responds to one or two of my text don’t knpw if i should keep texting

  3. Hi I have met one gril. I text her. She said why text me ? And I was replayed I said I like u. and she said ur text is not action ??

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