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Sweet Valentines Day Text Messages For A Girl You Like?

Question by George: Sweet Valentines Day Text Messages For A Girl You Like?
Looking for flirty and sweet valentines day texts for her.
There’s a girl I’ve liked for a while and I want to “make a move.”
How do you proceed? Do you know of any funny valentines text messages for a girl you like?


Best answer:

Answer by John
Hi George,
I’m going to share with you my go-to valentines day
text message for her.

Show her that you like her – it’s better than telling her
you like her. A good valentine’s day gift to a girl you
like would be the gift of spending time with you.

For example, send her something like:

“I need a cute girl to go on a valentine’s date with..
know any? 😉 ”

It’s playful, teases her, and suggests you like her –
and most importantly, you make it happen by setting up
a get-together.

Try it out, best of luck!

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