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Q&A: What does it mean when a girl says to you awww all the time?

Question by What does it mean when a girl says to you awww all the time?
everytime im texting this girl or when shes texting seems like she always says aww everytime i say something nice..haha i mean i like it but it gets kind of annoying after a little bit me and this girl just started talking to official relationship yet.

Best answer:

Answer by Lil’ JJ
she thinks your cute pleya

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34 Responses to Q&A: What does it mean when a girl says to you awww all the time?

  1. briankrules1 says:

    They like you

  2. Lalala says:

    That means she thinks its cute or shes flattered.

  3. free at last says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    lol she thinks u said something cute or sappy or whatever.

  5. haliy l says:

    she likes you ?

  6. ♥Anna♥ says:

    Awwww means she loves you.

  7. Trashed&Scattered says:

    LMAO, awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Haha, jk. Girls say aww to something sweet when they don’t know what to say back. That’s what I do anyway lol.

  8. Colin says:

    awwwww. How cute.

  9. LP Fanaddict says:

    it means she is flattered and doesn’t know what to say so she says a stupid word that leaves you up to dry

  10. *star* *girl* says:

    maybe she likes u! <3 i smell love! lol!

  11. Nina says:

    It’s usually saying she thinks you’re cute and sweet, and she’s flirting with you.

  12. crazywierdfunynoutgoin says:

    shes trying to be sweet. talk less nice to her

  13. Nicole M says:


  14. Melanie P says:

    i think they say it to be cute

  15. miss nora says:

    she thinks your cute or sweet and in this case really sweet or cute

  16. <3 My Chemical Romance <3 says:

    Girls are very… I don’t know how to put it… sympathetic? They think they are being cute when they do that.

  17. Kayley says:

    she’s flirting. i do it when i flirt with my guy friend/crush.

  18. Traumer says:

    She sees you like a teddy bear, sort of cute, and says: aaaaw. Meaning she feels sorry for you because she’s not interested but she knows you are nice and cute.

  19. xX_Shy_Boy_Xx says:

    well she just think ur sweet no homo but keep on talking to her if u like her

  20. Yolanda M says:

    well..obviously what ur saying is cute/sweet..tell her how u feel about it

  21. spiderfan1980 says:

    You are probably telling her things she thinks are sweet…I am in the same situation, talking to a girl and she does that a lot too.

  22. Danielle r says:

    that’s a good thing she is saying that, it might be annoying, but be happy

  23. mathew e says:

    either she cares. or doesnt. also its prolly cuz she thinks youre cute. its yer best bet.

  24. joshn62 says:

    I know lots of girls that do that to me, and I know it doesn’t really mean much, they usually just do it when I say something sweet. And I agree it can get annoying.

  25. Andrew says:

    She means, what you are typing, seems cute to her.

  26. It's Me!! says:

    it really depends on the relationship you have with her. maybe she is like that with everybody…i mean i do it too and the guys i do it to are only my friends!!

  27. hello says:

    She thinks its cute OR it’s just something she says a lot OR she doesn’t know what else to say.

    I’m a girl, I have a friend who is a girl that does that a lot, even to me-everything i say. its annoying, with her she just says it a lot. so anythings posssibleee

  28. Elena M says:

    She may be really into you and really nervous, and lost for words.

  29. xbrokenx says:

    if she says aww when ever you say something nice, she thinks it’s cute, like you….. ya, SHE LIKES YOU!!! *congrats* ^.^

  30. parker h says:

    its just a sigh, girls like to awwwww all the time , its also usualy followed by a thats so sweet

  31. Cassidee P says:

    she likes u :]]]]]

    if it is gettin annoying…..just tell her in the text message…..bbe like ok we get it lol :]

  32. lesli cullen says:

    it means that what you said was etheir
    A; really sweet
    B; really cute
    C; both of the above
    D; she has nothing else to say

    it is probably C. girls like it when you comlpement them
    most find it relly cute then they find you cute

    if you haven;t figured out don’t worry its a good thing!!!

  33. Emily says:

    If it happens after you say something nice, she thinks you’re complimenting her. She’s thinking, “Aw, how sweet/cute.”

    Seems like she’s flirting and may be looking for a serious relationship. I know it can be a bit annoying, but if you want to be with her, I’d just stick it out.

    There’s one other possibility. Some girls think everything, and I mean EVERYTHING is just the most adorable thing in the world. I would generally try to avoid them, because they get annoying FAST.

  34. Hillary R says:

    whenever i say aww to a guy, its usually because im flirting with him and thinks he’s a cutie =]

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